Thursday, April 08, 2010

GOOG Trading Model

Google is one of the more popular stocks to trade off of my Trend Following Models and here is why:

GOOG Daily Trend Model

Buy Nov 9 @ 562  = +8%
Sell Jan 6 @ 608 = +10%
Buy Mar 3 @ 545 = +3%
Sell Mar 19 @ 561 = open

The most recent signal, a Sell on Mar 19,  started off well, then GOOG retraced the entire decline, but failed to trigger a reversal Buy.  This is where  shorter-term Trend Models can be helpful:

GOOG Hourly

GOOG 240 minute


Anonymous said...

I'm trying to understand why selling GOOG at $561 was a good idea, given that it's still at those levels.

Anonymous said...

How could a trader not SMILE when looking at this system?


Anonymous said...

I smile when I realize that some people are ready to believe in it and get fleeced.

GOOG up to $567.99. Life is good :)

Anonymous said...

I smile when I realize so many people are ready to discredit it and get nothing.

GOOG up to $567.99. LIfe is good :)

Anonymous said...

Google is a Bargain Going Into Earnings