Wednesday, April 07, 2010

NNVC 240 minute

Maybe my favorite NNVC chart, clearly delineated EW analysis:

NNVC 240 minute chart


Anonymous said...

Allan, is it true that you told your subscibers that "NNVC holds what is likely the cure to all worldly viruses"?

Has it been tested against all worldly viruses?

You don't consider this pure hype?

Anonymous said...

This is supposed to be the quote although as I do not subscribe to Allan service I cannot confirm if it is correct. Anyway it was not Allan that is proported to have made the statement:

According to allallan subscription service, Agora Financial is sending out a major promotional campaign for Patrick Cox's "Breakthrough
Technology Alert" featuring a 7 page report on NNVC.

"NNVC is on the precipice of a mammoth breakthrough...they hold what is likely the cure to all worldly viruses. In combination with that, NNVC holds a virtual license to profit through the FDA
voucher system."

"But please don't settle for a short-term gain of a few hundred percent. The long-run potential of this technology is far greater, and today's opportunity is truly once in a lifetime."

Mike_T said...

It amazes me how people lack the ability to do your own research but are so quick to attack others.

It has not been tested on all viruses nor anywhere near that, but that does not make it "hype". Even if one virus is eliminated by this technology it will be a modern medical breakthrough. I'm pretty sure once that happens you won't be able to buy at anywhere close to today's prices. It also implies with proper tweaking it has the potential to treat all worldly viruses much like modern antibiotics. That takes time.

But, by all means, call it hype all you want and take your investments somewhere else.

t said...

thats right,Mike,....people like this fellow, are nothing but close minded. they wouldnt know a silver dollar if they were holding it in their hand.and if you told them it was worth 16 usdollars they would tell you it is not. and then, if this silver dollar was a rare proof,first strike MS70 silver china panda,of which only 300 thousand were minted....they would never imagine that this one silver dollar would be worth 2 thousand usdollars in 5 years.
instead they would say...."how do you Know its even silver?"

Anonymous said...

Nice looking chart Allan.

I see the correction marks in red blue and green go to the same price points I'm looking for in a correction.

But I get a bit puzzled by the solid line above them...which shows 1.63 as the s/r reversal point.

your system will reverse short if price closes below 1.63,is that right?

See,I want price to go below 1.63 ,down to Hold strong at the 1.45 area
or wherever it holds strong ,fulfill the 50% fib correction(or 62% or 38%) and from There start the new wave Up.

but any place in that zone between 1.43 and 1.63 works for me.
But I cant see selling if it drops below 1.63

t said...

I'm gonna hijack allans blog for two minutes...hahah
I'm watching some stocks correcting now....

like a cake baking in the oven. theyre getting ready.

while the market might turn around a go down anytime,and we just dont know how bad of a drop we will see.... these homerun stocks are already correcting ,which in my mind, means they are dropping down into the BUY Zone.

they would be making clear ABC correction waves...down to the 50 MA area,and key s/r points from past lows, etc,and 50 % fib corrections (or 38% or 62%)
All of these indicators satisfy basic trading criteria for ....wave completionand reversal to start the next wave.

ISCO is engaged in wave 'c' of the ABC....flirting now with the 2.00 s/r point...held up after 5 bounces on the 2.05 price point today...but couldnt break above 2.12

2.00 (2.05) could conceivably be the bottom, but all the other parameters say it should go satisfy a more complete correction....should head lower toward the 50 MA's in the 1.75-1.80 zone.

Just as I want to see NNVC slide on down to the 1.40-1.50 zone.
Perfect timing would arrive at this zone on friday of this week and/or monday or tuesday,and reverse long from This zone.

TRGL looks like it has begun to make its next wave UP from the bottom at 7 has kissed 9 and I'm looking for a pullback to hold at 8 area to enter long. timing would be ideal friday,next monday,or tuesday from 8 holding strong(this would be elliott wave action as wave 1 completed (7 to 9) wave 2 correction back to 8...and enter long at 8 holding strong for wave 3 may be 14.

UPWRF ....has been sliding sideways at 2.00 area for a long time.Ive been waiting for it to drop a little to 1.85 for kicks and it hasnt budged below the 1.90's
today it popped a little above 2.00 and looks like a breakout to me.

ok, thanks for allowing me this public service announcement.....

Anonymous said...

At times tops market swelling, boys become enamored with, even bewitched by storied stockings.

Bunch beauties in the same cat house is not diversification. It's multiplication . . . for better o' worse.

Are you diversified?

Anonymous said...

Dunno know if Allan wanna post but this documentary is about the kind of thing Allan philosophizes about on weekends when sipping nepenthe and navel gazing the woman.

Anonymous said...

Ive read that the old school concept of 'diversification' is obsolete.
and that Concentrating focus on mastering the ins and outs of one (or two) sectors is a better way.

maybe recognizing/understanding how sector rotation works is a good idea.
but I dont know enough about sector rotation.

Anonymous said...

sector rotation is just about moving from overbot sectors to oversold sectors. Alternatively it could mean switching from being long to being short an index.

you can view sector charts on market summary page:
"US Industry Indices",iday[Y]&disp=SXA

would need to utilize Allan's indicators for when to enter these sectors long or short.

also, knowing when to use a bear fund as a hedge can enable one to sit in a stock position for long term while at same time generate cash to add to that position later (presuming the hedge is profitable). In this way, one could divide one's portfolio into 1/3rds where:

a. long term investment positions (e.g., NNVC, Au&Ag bullion) capturing secular moves and generational developments
b. intermediate trade positions capturing momentum or cyclical moves
c. cash and hedge trades of limited duration and special circumstance

Anonymous said...

Alan, I have a good position in NNVC but can't buy more for a few more weeks. Will I be too late ? I don't want to buy after the first big move. I'd rather buy before, if you know what I mean! :-) Holly

Anonymous said...

Holly, find out when the Phase III trials are scheduled for their first drug, and go off that.

Anonymous said...

... this might be sign that the biotech sector has a little more upside.

Anonymous said...

....looks like UPWRF popped big today. I foretold it yesterday but shoulda posted it a few days earlier for folks to watch it better. sorry bout that.