Monday, December 28, 2009

TZA Trade Summary


Anonymous said...

Avoiding the Future Tense

For awhile it looked like iShares Russell 2000 Index (ETF) was falling apart.

Its looking quite bullish on this mechanical (Allan imitation) chart.


"Turtles do not care about being right. They care about making money."
Curtis M. Faith

Anonymous said...

* * * bear capitulation * * *

Freddie and Fannie Get Unlimited License to Print Money: Time To Rethink Market Stances

Is this not license to inject money to prop up the economy? Bears may want to rethink their strategies if this is the case. An unlimited supply of money will not make prices go down. The new power of money may be a lot more worthless, a fact that wll be proven one day in the future, but there will be plenty of it around to prevent prices for falling.

A said...

The strategy here is to follow prices and avoid being labeled bullish, bearish, right or wrong. Look at all the plus and minus signs on the trade summary, they pale in comparison to the bottom line.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ Allan I LOVE this TZA system.

Are you selling it? If so what are you charging? I'm in. I want to get filthy rich in 2010 and 33% in just over a month will do it fast esp. with [pyramiding gains. (have you tried THAT and seen what it returns?)

I know you are not faking it because we are seeing this phenomenal system in real time!!!!

WAY TO GO ALLAN!!! Another home run.

Too bad about the Wings, though, they were DOA.


Anonymous said...

After reading this book, I often wondered about the proprietary trading models the featured gurus might be using.

I suspect this blog is giving me a good glimpse into how they might be.

The systems (like Allan's TZA) probably have some edge/not overly complicated/ and require discipline to ride through the many plus and minus signs.

Allan, thanks again for the education. I suspect we're only getting a glimpse of your creativity.


A said...

Re: TZA system

Yea, mulling over sharing some tweaks that make it even better, along with a real time notification deal, probably all for a small fee early next year. Too much work to keep it up myself with my other responsibilities. Much of it can be automated, but nothing is free, costs in time or services need to be covered.

Anonymous said...


I agree in spades, sell the signals I suggest going both real time and EOD, for $300-$400/ month or so.

With this kind of performance $2K invested covers YOUR fees and all else is free money to the investor.

A chart showing how you would have done pyramiding day 10K at the start and reinvesting the gains would show returns .... well to Pluto.

Anonymous said...

$300-400 a month would be too expensive for me.
good newsletters charge around 700 a year.

Anonymous said...

Good newsletters? There aren't any. To get filthy stinking rich you NEED Allan and his TZA methods.

Allan, how does $500 a month sound with a one time set up fee of 2,000

So 2,500 in month 1 and 5090 thereafter.

we need it man. You have to come through for us.