Monday, December 28, 2009


I wrote up Allied Nevada Gold - ANV,  a few months ago, here.

Since then, it has risen more then 50%

Now compare ANV's monthly chart below with that of AXP in the prior blog:

As I just wrote a friend of mine, there is some serious economic disruption coming (although I used a more evocative four-letter word, beginning with the letter S).

It's there, if you look past the CNBC headlines.



Anonymous said...

Taking a look at ANV,this recent upsurge happened on ever decreasing volume,if I'm reading the charts right.

Doesnt that suggest waiting for the next correction before buying?

or,does it suggest another indication that a big correction is looming on the horizon for all stocks,including this one.

A said...

Its the character of the advance that I am referring to; AXP is a partial retracement of sharp decline, while ANV is impulsive at all time highs.

Anonymous said...

I guess I dont understand the complexity of it...

Unknown said...

Great comparison Allan...(AXP and ANV).

"I guess I dont understand the complexity of it..."

I'm sure by Allan then explaining that it was the character of the advances he was referring can now better see it's nature.

For more on that....this book is pretty much a classic: