Wednesday, December 09, 2009

SPY 3 minute

Is this chart, with these tools, helpful for short-term trading?


Holly20 said...

Yes, it is very helpful. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Allan,

I was wondering if you have tested or even justed eyeballed the concept of using a higher intra day time frame to confirm the dominant trend then use a lower time frame to trade in the direction of dominant trend? For example, if the 30-minute ATR system is long then only take long trades on a 5-minute chart using the ATR system. I wonder if this would improve the results or hinder them. This concept is similar to Market Club and their Monthly, Weekly and Daily trade triangles.


Anonymous said...

Allan, FYI, Robert Taylor has predicted a high on 12/09/09 or possibly 12/24/09.
He then sees the market going down until Apr 2010.
His traders have gone short with the understanding 12/24 could be the high of this bear market rally.
As usual, no prediction on actual level, just direction of market.
Since I haven't made the 10K on your predictions yet, this is my contribution.
Best wishes, DIATL

Anonymous said...

Your contribution? I call it theft of personal property. Robert Taylor's forecasts are paid privilaged subscriber information that you may have a purchased right to receieve, but not a purchased privledge to pass along, free of charge, without authorization, to every Tom, Dick, Harry and Rita that reads the posts on Allan's public blog. Do Bob a favor and pull your head out of your selfish ass and stop using his research results to justify your own short comings.

Anonymous said...

Hold on now, you do have a point about the 'wrongness' of forwarding 'paid for' information. You can make an arguement about it if you like.I wont argue against it. But at the same time.... if I was a train depot supervisor and I saw a speeding train coming at you while you were sleeping on the track...should I wake you up for free or only if you pay me?
let me think of a better example. lets say we are two people on a fishing charter. I payed the captain for his best advise about the fishing prospects,and you did not. the captain told me to go to this area,and you decided to come along with me.
but the captain also told me, in his paid for advise, that the waters were infested with sharks. you did not know that. Now, at some point, you decide to jump into the water for a swim..... should I warn you about the sharks ....for free? or make you pay me .or wait till you jump in the water and make you pay me double?? LOL
Its an interesting ethics debate.

I'm thankful for thr free info about Taylor's warning because it confirms my own analysis.
so I hereby promise not only to send Allan 10 k when NNVC goes to the moon, but I will send 10 k to Taylor as well. and 10 k to DIATL and 10 k to you.

and here's my own contribution. Look into Toreador resources now. google it. google any info you can find about the billions of barrels of oil sitting underneath Paris,France.

Seasons greetings to all.

Anonymous said...

....and one more for the road...... Universal Power Corp. UPWRF..... Oil exploration off coast Namibia. why? think petrobras and the tupi oil fields.

Anonymous said...

...its the NNVC of global oil exploration,and they are ready to make the discovery of another tupi size oil field.

T said...

ON Topic....yes,A, these are great charts to look at. Please post the next sequence of what happened to price action/wave action after this 5 wave top. I'd like to see what the correction looks like.