Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Into the close

Holding LONG, would flip to SHORT on close under 9.47


Anonymous said...

Can you run this on AAPL for the close?

A said...

AAPL long on 60 minute, flips short below 208.91.

Anonymous said...

it flipped short didn't it?

Anonymous said...

holy PHK!! Batman.

Pimco fund's chart has been isomorphic with $NDX ... a harbinger of black Thursday?!

[TigerWoods : Obama : : PHK : NDX]

PHK plunge

Grandmaster Flash

Anonymous said...


DPO plunge

Anna Netrebko

Anonymous said...

right shoulder of H&S top forming on NYSE Summation Index; note that a formed reverse-H&S on this index preceded market action in March 2009.

NYSE Sum Index

Bocelli - con te partirĂ²

Anonymous said...

Rubber band affect

$SPX 50/200

NEVER enough Bocelli or Laura

Lucky Luciano