Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Financial stocks

FAS 60 minute

JPM 60 minute

C 60 minute

GS 60 minute

BKX 60 minute

Laggards........or leaders?


Anonymous said...

Laggards. Sector rotation in progress.


Anonymous said...


based on your call this am, you are long tza, what is your stop

A said...

TZA is still short as it never closed an hourly bar above the Buy signal trigger.

Anonymous said...

Financials look great, Like Jim Rogers recently said the market will go up for months or even a few years. Enough said!

Anonymous said...

Bears would say 'leaders'
bulls should also say leaders. why? because bulls vision should be seeing the leading movement of a correction,intermediate level drop to somewhere like the august 3 top or the oct 2 low,at worst the sept 2 low,

followed by the next leg UP. Bears are salivating as they sit on the rollercoaster thinking they are right.
somebody will be right. maybe the smartest players are just sitting out in cash.

Anonymous said...

show us a weekly chart and I will tell you where the swing reversal back up could be. but thats just basic stuff. why not show it for those who follow you but invest longer term and not day trading .

If youre going to warn folks about the beginning of impending doom, why not also show the opposite side of the equation as a fair and balanced reporting of possibilities.

I maintain that the key S/R point for Holding the market up is S+P 500 around 1045 area.

that 1020 and 1000 holding is ok too, and that ultimately the market will do whatever the government wants it to do.

whatever the government Wants it to do. not elliott wave,not prechter, not me, you, or anything short of someone dropping bombs, the government is pulling all the strings for this rigged market system.every day, all day.

A said...

Re: "why don't you....."

"Second, we are here to read what Allan is saying about the market"

Nonetheless, your request is worthy of consideration and is duly noted.


Anonymous said...

"whatever the government Wants it to do. not elliott wave,not prechter, not me, you, or anything short of someone dropping bombs, the government is pulling all the strings for this rigged market system.every day, all day."

This is exactly whats happening. Everything in the media is positive about our economy they control the psychology of the market along with Goldman Sachs. When they want it to go down it will, look for signs. Jim Rogers knows this

T said...

thats right.

....sorry Allan,for coming across so haughty. I only meant to invite the further examination of stuff to make the discussion more complete. I appreciate your allowing us all to participate. and I'm still going to pretend that hockey player is you,like I first thought. LOL
it should be you.

Anonymous said...

the erudite, esemplastic Bernanke fails to realize markets are homoplastic. You evolve them; they evolve you.

the elitist Bernanke suffers reification--viz, he supposes the market (abstract) is ontologically a thing in itself (concrete); as such it is distinguishable from its players. Ipso facto, he supposes he may predate upon the market all the while remaining himself hidden from it.

1st Piano Quartet by Bohuslav Martinu

We have lingered in the chambers of the sea
By sea-girls wreathed with seaweed red and brown
Till human voices wake us, and we drown.

~ T. S. Elliot's 'Prufrock'

A said...

Re: Comments

I really liked the Comments tonight, T & Anonymous in particular and never worry about coming across to haughty, hell, I'm using a Russian superstar hockey player-kid to pose for my blog-photo, nothing more haughtier then that, not yet, anyway.

Anonymous said...

I would say this about Ben Bernanke.

Do some basic research of his biographical profile. you will find interesting things. apprentice to a south carolina gangster which served as his 'grad school work.'

From there,he becomes one of the inside members of the Elite insiders team. what does it take to get that far,aside from being jewish and zionist.

Anyone who becomes a key player on the insider elite team has the following critical qualities: ability to lie with a straight face,deceive the public, be a totally loyal servant of the Elite Power system that controls america.which is the British/Zionist/Rothschild bank Empire that defeated the USA and took it over in stages,culminated by the swindle/coup in 1913 ,the Federal Reserve Act.

For 100 years this history was hidden from the public. This is why The same powers will Have to shut down the internet before too long.

"you evolve them,they evolve you" ??

I dont think so.

The british empire is alive and in control. It was a partnership between the Zionist Rothschild bank power and the british empire.... fought an economic war against the USA since 1800. Won that war in 1913. and finished the final battle last year when they took over the U.S.government.

Now on down the path of establishing their New World Order, the ownership and control of the whole world.

Ben Bernanke is nothing more than a mid level soldier,a lieutenant,or a captain....who does what he is told and taught.

Anonymous said...

I found this article that says pretty much what its all about.

Anonymous said...


Do you buy the fact the the unsupported rally in the mkt is rigged by the govt and Goldman Sachs?

A said...

Re: Rigged Rally

Do you buy the fact the the unsupported rally in the mkt is rigged by the govt and Goldman Sachs?

Yes, "they" are quite transparent on this issue, flooding the markets with liquidity for the past 6-12 months. The unknown is what is described in "Economics in One Lesson" by Henry Hazlett:

Economics, as we have now seen again and again, is a science of recognizing secondary consequences. It is also a science of seeing general consequences. It is the science of tracing the effects of some proposed or existing policy not only on some special interest in the short run, but on the general interest in the long run.

Chirag said...

Interesting post on Zero Hedge on this topic yesterday...

A Three-Month Flat Market? Yes...If You Exclude The Constant After Hours Manipulation

"If anyone was merely looking at the trading action in regular hours, one would think there was absolutely no profit made since early September. The reason for that: all the upside since September 14th has come exclusively from after hours action.
The observant among you will immediately realize what this implies: not only is there no volume breadth to the recent move in the markets, but the actual push higher likely occurs on at most tens of thousands of futures contracts on a daily/weekly basis. The fact that literally several blocks of AH trades, used persistently, can move the market higher by 6% over the past 3 months, even as regular trading accounts for absolutely no part of this move, and that the SEC finds nothing troubling about this phenomenon, should be sufficiently telling about how 'efficient' US markets have become."

Anonymous said...

Well,that makes me ask this next question.
Is the government planning to engineer the Correction as well?

If you were them,and had the power and control to achieve it,would you engineer a controlled correction,one that you could control, in order that the 'natural' correction doesnt get out of control, and you dont have a run away train on your hands.

If you knew When the government was going to pull the triggers,thats all you'd have to know.

Spike oil to 147 and back down again. crash the market on sept.15 2008,and start it back up again on march 3 2009.

what's next ??

Oil again ?
natural gas this time?
a new war somewhere?
a handy terrorist event?
a new currency?
a trade agreement with China?
another 3 months of stagnation,engineering a gentle correction before the next 'big thing' ?

Where's the Priory of Scion when we need them?
...a carrier pigeon with a little note. a clue, a safety valve.a crumb to survive on.

A said...

Re: The british empire is alive and in control. It was a partnership between the Zionist Rothschild bank power and the british empire

It makes my skin crawl to see anti-semitism raised on my own blog, especially when such has been used for centuries to deflect attitudes away from the real enemies of freedom and prosperity toward some easily categorized and victimized sub-group of humanity.

Please think about what you are writing before hitting the "Publish Your Comment" button. Because some persons who are part of the invisible ruling elite have characteristics, whether racial, religious, ethnic, sexual, or whatever, doesn't condemn all other people sharing that characteristic as part of the elite ruling class. As we have seen with the most recent American presidential election, those that rule come in all shapes and colors, just as those who don't rule do.