Wednesday, December 09, 2009

SPY trading

5 minute

10 minute

15 minute

30 minute

60 minute

120 minute

With today the final day of our month-long test of the TZA system, I thought this sequence of SPY intraday charts might be food for thought for our next foray into live system development.  Be it no surprise that I already trade a version of this, but since I gave the previous model away its only fair that some of the more serious among you make an effort to devise some simple but effective rules for trading the SPY.


John said...

Hi Allan - Appreciate all you do. Do these still use 7 and 1.5 for ATR?


A said...


Yes, 7 and 1.5 are my default, standard ATR settings. We can get into what happens and how to trade wider or even narrower settings in the future. For now, these work well enough across a wide spectrum of tradables and time periods that are wise to keep them thus keeping the process as simple as we can.

That said, if anyone has a breakthrough with other settings, not just marginally better results but breakthrough results, please share.

Anonymous said...

Quiz Time


(Hope this doesn't get Allan in sh*** by the many newsletter, mentors and instructors out there but wanted to share this).

I recently paid a nice chunk of change for FUTURES TRADING MENTOR.

The methodology I'm learning is like learning a craft/trade requiring much repetition and study.

Being a glutton for punishment, Ive also been tracking performance of Allan's ATR on several time frames/chart types and taking notes on possible adjustments/improvements.(Simulation mode).

Lets just say most wouldn't be believe me results.

I got a beautiful little girl.

If next one's a boy I'm seriously thinking of naming

Lucky Luciano

A said...


I know you well enough to know that you appreciate the beauty and advantages of trading your own account for a living.

Ask yourself why someone would rather SELL ADVICE then trade their own (or others) accounts for a living?

Some things are just too, too much easier said then done.


Anonymous said...


Your a gem in world with more B.S. than I care to see.

Thanks for dose of reality.

If your ever in South Detroit, ESPRESSO WITH GRAPPA on me!

Lucky Luciano

Anonymous said...

Save Traders' Jobs

Anonymous said...


Your post is great.
I want to say that I think Allan is a pretty good guy. Why he shares all this knowledge, well, I guess he does it ..just because.

You might be hard on some trader's newsletters and programs, maybe they think they are very good and want to share their knowledge, but maybe they need the money?

Who knows.

But your post, Lucky, made me realize I too want to be a great trader,on my own merit, but I am not very good. I shall confess,I have lost a lot of money.

So, I must study. I was wondering, how do I learn to be my own Master?
What books and courses must I start with.
How much money do I need to really make money?

Anyway, congratulations on your little girl.