Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hourly TZA System Update

I've been working on a new twist this basic trading concept, one that allows the method to be traded basis a single end-of-day decision and as a collateral benefit, cherry-picks only the highest confidence signals, so unlike current system, is not always long or short and is in fact, out of the market more then in the market.  Results look too good to be true, so I am running them all again, just to be sure. I may keep this for myself and my managed accounts, or may distribute it here, or maybe even on its own site.  Or I may not change anything since my plate is already so full.  So be nice, I'm a moody kind of guy (born July 2nd, under sign of Cancer, look it up).



Anonymous said...

How are you determining your it the first hour's close or any tick above your last-night projection?

My chart says first hour close: 10.96

Anonymous said...

From a Moody Taurus..I get it..

But Cancers have the biggest hearts!

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Checking in from New Orleans.

You have already given us enough freebies ( ATR system, NNVC).

Would not have any problem paying for your ideas. Your track record of honesty cannot be questioned. Fine a way to profit from your intellectual insight and offer it to us at a reasonable price. Thanks

Holly20 said...

I agree with Moody Taurus, as a moody Scorpio, Cancers have big hearts! Your generosity is appreciated.

Anonymous said...


I've been following this blog for about 5 months now and never left a comment, but today I just had to....
You see, no wonder that I have been so attracted to this blog and that reason was how I connected with your views of the market and your way of "seeing" life in general...

Today I found out that you, too, were born the same day and year I was.... wow... what a coincidence... congratulations.

Just FYI, I am already sitting on my 10,000 shares of NNVC for each of my accounts and IRA accounts for my wife and both children.

Oh, I also got my brother and some of his friends at work to join in.... Just so that you know, I too am doing my part to get NNVC going up,up,up and UP...

I feel better now, sorry for this long comment.

And thanks for the great trading info you provide on a daily basis.

May GOD Bless you always!

Frank DeSousa

PS. And YES, we will all hold till 2014 or thereabouts!!!!!

A said...


Kindred souls, no doubt.

The subject of my next blog, maybe as soon as later today, will be the fundamental story supporting the rise of NNVC into the $Billion dollar market cap club.

Will be a keeper.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to it Allan.

Again, thanks so much for your superb trading input which we, as traders, do not get even on paid subscriptions to most trading services out there.

I'll be here all the way on a daily basis till we all become "MILLIONAIRES" that's the ultimate goal.

GOD Bless

Frank DeSousa

Anonymous said...


Even if you decide not to share your new 'HOLY GRAIL', I still think your my best discovery on the net :-)

Musicians learn by transcribing other musician's work. At 1st we imitate, but along the line we develop our own style of playing.

This is the way I'm approaching your creative blog.

By the way, I'm a scorpio and we get along fine with cancers :-) (Just ask my

Thanks for sharing.

Lucky Luciano

Ericc said...

Hello Allan:

I have been following your site for a couple months and find it to be very informative. Thanks for the hard work!

I have followed your TZA trading system and have traded and backtested TZA and TNA using EW, Fibs. and moving averages (8 and 21 SMA) on 5 minute and 15 minute charts; the 5 min for entry and 15 for exits.

This has produced very good results. I am very interested in your system and have been trying to figure what you use for buy and sell signals?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Keep up the exemplary work!

And... GO WINGS!!!

Andrea Sharp said...

Me too! Born July 2. Same day the U.S. was born. (Look it up!) I found this site about two weeks ago. Still checking in, and just chiming in about the birthday. (Have met more people born on that day than any other.) (Hi Mr. DeSousa.) Grateful for your information and thoughts, Allan. BTW, any idea why TZA didn't go up much today? And around noon on November 30, SP500 was at about the same level as it was December 9 at 2:30, but TZA was higher on the 30th. Will be visiting again. Thx again.

Scott said...

TZA is a 3X leveraged ETF that follows the Russell 2000. It has nothing to do with the S&P500.

It went up 3.22% percent today (close-to-close). That is pretty good in my book.

skihardbs said...

Allan I've been following you for more than a year. The best read everyday, also the smallest. Your a man of few words, some Cancer emotion (love the mood swings) and a subtle and great teacher. Your blog is the one that has taken me to new heights. You hinted and showed the pathway. Thanks for your dedication. The Holy Grail, well you'll make the right decision. You don't seem to be smitten with the need to control.

T said...

Yep... its a great blog.

Anonymous said...

Funny market today.thursday dec.17

Big down day in U.S. markets.
a scarey thing to see at this point in time.

I looked at different stocks to see what all the bleeding looked like.

It was weird.

It was only gold miners and the us dollar rising.

Oil and gas held up fine.

key sector etf's like FIW (water)
KOL (coal) all fine.
Foreign Etf's like EPI (india)
PGJ (China) and major stocks like TTM (Tata Motors) ...all showed no drop.
Skyrocketing stocks like RDY(Reddy labs) and NLC (Nalco) stayed way up high,no weakness at all.

There was no breakdown or major drop in hardly anything.... except Gold miners and ,silver miners.
along with the u s dollar gaining strength.

Conclusion: .....I suspect it is just a government manipulation engineering a sell off in the PM stocks coupled with the resurgence in the US dollar.

and thats all they wanted to do.

another day of rigged game market manipulation of the gold and silver and fiat currency .