Wednesday, December 16, 2009



Anonymous said...

Yes it is a major sell signal that is too funny good one what a slap in the face joke to make him man of the year the mans a lier!!

Anonymous said...

This begs the question...If the US markets tank...will NNVC still do well?

Anonymous said...


Please forgive me. Are you saying the market will crash?
Do we day trade and leave nothing to chance.

Why is Wall Street buying?
Can anyone confirm?

Anonymous said...

Wall street isn't buying. This market is choppy because individuals feel like its safe to get back in and institutions are selling to them and the small brokers that feel they waited to long and better get in now...

Anonymous said...

Nice dramatic flare,Allan has.

but to clarify for some of us who dont know much,this front cover display on Time magazine is a classic ,lets call it a 'signal' according to elliott wave principle.

History has shown that when investor sentiment is overly bullish,markets are very overbought,all the sheeple are lined up at the cliff's edge..... and then we start to see these kind of 'mainstream media' front cover stories ... it adds another strong indicator that the TOP is near and/or here, and the wise investor will be prepared for the reversal hard DOWN.

Its wise to respect these 'signs'.

At the same time, the markets are moving Upward,in what looks like the beginning of the wave there could be more Upward movement,but for how long, to what target, and at what Risk.

If you were in this same position last year around june of 2008,and you had the chance to get into safe cash,and avoid the hemmorage that followed ....would you have played it safer,or played the risk?

Today we have the benefit of that hindsight.

The more time goes by in this bear market rally, the more I like the feeling of being safe in cash.

How much can you make going long for the next month,to target the S+P at 1150 area,or 1200,or 1170.... how much will you earn versus what you risk losing.

The Time cover says ...'trust your fortune to this strangely brilliant and /or lucky man /wizard controlling the game. '

and this is how the sheeple of your grandfathers generation lost everything in 1930. goes the elliott wave principles and theories.

see what they mean by a picture is worth a thousand words.

This one just might be.

A said...

Yea, what anonymous just said........

Anonymous said...

Allan, and to all who have posted above.

I can not convey the worth of all your words and counsel.

I do not want to be a follower, yet, at times, I am lost ,like the sheep.

What good fortune that I have stumbled upon this blog..this oasis of wealth by Allan and all the wise investors.

Thank you..Thank-you..

Anonymous said...


Anyone familiar with Tom McClellan's theories of Liquidity Waves?

He basically believes in the concept of mov't in one market leading to similar price structures later in other markets.

Unless I'm mistaken, I think he believes that liquidity created is 1st expressed with gold, then branches out into other asset classes.

Anyone notice the price of GOLD lately? Notice OIL getting perky?

In addition, as another expression of liquidity in markets (NYSE-AD): If its up beyond a certain point (can't remember which) crashes are unlikely.

I'm not sure what Mr. McClellan's official view on the market is but its always cool to hear opposing views :-)

Lucky Luciano

Unknown said...

Hahah thats just hilarious... nice lookin out.

Anonymous said...

The markets are likley to be low volume range bound until January 5th IMHO. Most big players are done and gone for the Christmas and New Year Holidays. Trading holiday markets is very frustrating and rarely profitable. Good luck to all and Happy New Year. Warm regards from joe in NYC.

Anonymous said...

Yes,Lucky. Ive been thinking and seeing that same idea these appears that different sectors are showing more divergence among each other. Gold is tired and coming down, but oil and gas is moving up.
It seems like you can see it or sense it coming, I felt this coiling up energy about OIL a few weeks ago, like a hunch or something....oil has been too quiet these weeks and months.
People will explain it away as having to do with supply and low demand,all that stuff, but I dont buy that . Oil is a totally controlled and political commodity, as is gold. I remember reading the revelations of oil company insiders a few years ago who said straight up that the parabolic skyrocket of oil to 147 was a completely orchestrated inside job.(the basic target was 150).Like FDR said in a famous quote...."in politics,nothing happens by chance".

Based on inflation correlations for 1980 levels,Gold should be about 2400 an oz. right now.

But what you were getting at I agree, there is a complex interplay between different sectors,and to me it looks like some sort of symphony orchestra, where the government is conducting and engineering the whole thing,each instrument takes its turn, to do what they want it to do. No doubt they have been keeping natural gas suppressed as part of their agenda. Maybe now is the time for Gas to take off. and Oil too.
OH yeah, and right now, its the dollar next month for China to do something nice for the U.S.
Its all such a Rigged Game.

I'm really coming to believe that it may be too opaque to figure out. The elite power has the control, and keeps it all hidden from the public.
I'm coming to think the only smart way to make money is by trading a reliable system as Allan does, or by just investing in very well researched Penny stocks (like NNVC) find 3 or 4 ,and wait for them to make the fortune.

There are so many good companies out there worth investing in, as in really investing....... but the market system is such a controlled rigged and fraudulent thing ,its no different than the Vegas casino slot machines.The dice are loaded in favor of the elite. they know the game plan and we dont.

But I swear I can feel the rumblings of Oil and Gas.

I hope it doesnt have to do with any upcoming planned wars on the NWO agenda.

Anonymous said...

There will be no crash. At least, not any time soon.

Seriously people, valuations for the most part are not that far out of whack. In many sectors they are still quite conservative.

There will be corrections. Perhaps as big as 15%. But there will not be a freakin' double-dip.

The market was oversold at 6500 and perhaps it's now a bit ahead of itself but that doesn't mean cats and dogs are living together.

Be careful. But don't close up shop.

-L.A. Kings Fan

Anonymous said...

LOL good one Allan!