Tuesday, December 08, 2009

My trading positions

Just for the hell of it, here is what I am holding right now in my option trading account:

SPYDec 111 puts;
FAZ - Jan 20 calls;
GLDJan 110 puts;
UUP  - Mar 23 calls;
GS -  Apr 100 puts;

In descending order, these are being actively traded, i.e. the SPY position gets put on and taken off several times during the day, the GS position is pretty much buy & hold, basis the Daily chart.

GS Daily



Anonymous said...

Hi Allan,

Would it be of interest to you or your readers to start a discussion on money mangement (i.e. how much of your trading capital do you allocate to any one trade)?

I have been using the 2%/6% of account balance on a monthly basis and have been pleased.

I beleive money management is just as improtant if not more important than entry and exit signals. Thoughts anyone?


Anonymous said...

Sorry for the spelling.....my fingers are not working today!


Anonymous said...


in that you might include tax management. Getting in and out all the time of the same security creates wash sales.

at the end of the year it is about the tax adjusted return performance; it's not what ya make but what ya keep.

ergo, one should have a cornucopia of ETFs that aren't 'substantially identical' such that one can take a tax loss on one in order to enter another.