Saturday, June 19, 2010

SPX Trading Model

I started Trend Following Trading Models in early January.  The chat below chronicles all of the real time signals of the SPX Daily Model since inception.  I consider this model the defining model of the dominant trend in the markets.

SPX Daily Trend Model

1/21 Sell 1116    +21
2/16 Buy 1095  +97
4/16 Sell 1192   -25
4/23 Buy 1217   -33
4/27 Sell 1184   +69
6/15 Buy 1115    +2

Total SPX points = +131

Disclaimer:  There results might be random.  Who knows? I am not offering investment advice, nor are my models. I might be random. Who knows?  The Who is a rock and roll band from the 70's and my mention of them does not suggest they know any more then the rest of us, nor does it constitute an endorsement of their music and conversely, nor does it constitute their endorsement of me, or my models, or of the randomness in our lives.  Not that there is anything wrong with randomness.  It just that after all of these years, it does tend to tire one out.  But that's another story, one for some random Sunday blog.

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