Sunday, June 20, 2010


Let's not keep banging our heads against the wall when there is a clear Wave 3 advance taking place in the precious metals.  I sent out a Gold & Silver Basket to my subscribers earlier this weekend and expect to add more gold and silver stocks going forward.  What follows are three views of the the gold market and a table comparing returns on those charts to returns from a basket of mining stocks during the psat 18 months.  This looks like the real deal to me.




Below is a copy of an email Alert I sent out to subscribers over the weekend, illustrating the potential that individual mining stocks have over even leveraged gold and silver indexes:

Here is exactly why I prefer individual gold stocks to indexes and/or leveraged indexes.  The individual Gold & Silver stocks come from the current list and/or stocks I have written up on my blog during the time period. Note that the SPX for the same period is up +44%.
Dates:  1/1/2009 through 6/19/2010

Gold & Silver Indexes

GLD  83.92--->122.83 =  46%
SLV  11.09---> 18.75   =  69%
GDX  31.31---> 54.06  =  72%
          Average = +62%

Select Gold & Silver Stocks

ANV   3.92---> 21.83   = 457%
GSS   1.27--->  4.41     = 247%
TRE   3.50--->  4.90     =  36%
KMKCF 0.30--->1.96  = 553%
SWC   4.84---> 13.53   = 180%
TGB   0.98--->  5.04    = 415%
SVM   2.08--->  7.50   = 260%

          Average = +307%


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Do you still like SRSR havnt heard much about it lately?

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monday open forecasting

a boost further upside due to China's cooperative gesture regarding its currency.

Global chess game,not so much like a chess match between 2 players.... more like a.... sychronized swimming event.

so we all stay afloat for a while longer.

on the long side.
as market enters the fib reversal zone.

economic global cooperation today.
while the USA/Israel warships heading for Iran next week. not a slo boat to China. but you can see the geopolitical interplay among nations.

when the USA warships get to Iran, watch Russia and Georgia ,watch China have a word or two.
watch to see if the heat gets turned up or gets turned down.

and the markets will respond accordingly

either sideways in cooperation or crashing down in war.

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good example in the gold miners today of government manipulation..... AEM and GG ,big majors, Down this morning

while just about all other miners up big.

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EDC is my play..