Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Pay-Off

Today is pay-off day for the two dozen or so picks I have posted here in the past three days, especially yesterday's picks which were all based on my own, proprietary, short-term trading system. Based on the number of hits on my site, this kind work is drawing a lot of attention.

Stand-by, more picks coming.



steve said...

Do you ever get tired of stroking yourself? What about all the stocks you buy that go down 50%? We never hear about those again, unless they're being pimped and are up for one day.

Your a joke. Do you ever wonder why you have had family problems

Allan said...


Come clean, my IP tracking says you're from, refresh my memory, who is the big cheese over there?

Anonymous said...

Is this guy from!!!!

That is cause for news! Can we publish that online and get something going?

Can you "Beat The Street?"

Mark, Utah