Tuesday, December 11, 2007

On a more personal note

It's been awhile since I shared any secrets from my personal life. But it's 3:30am in the high desert of Arizona, and I am wide awake and thinking too much. One of my mentors growing up was Paul Simon. I'll let him bring us up to date with these beautiful words, that sums it all up.



Ramesh said...

Thanks, A.

That was wonderful...


Eric said...

Sorry to hear how you're feeling Allan...


Anonymous said...


While I only know you from this blog I suspect your a mench. Try this:
Toltec version of Kabbalah but much easier to grasp.

All the best.
Dan K

Eric said...

Hi Allan,

I've read that book also and would recommend it. It is short and sweet and can fill the time when you are thinking too much.


Anonymous said...

Not exactly Duran Duran is it?

Mark from Sandy, Utah