Wednesday, December 05, 2007


CVAS just got touted by a bear service, The Gargoyle Investor. This is the first time EVER that Gargoyle has issued a Buy recommendation. I'm in at $2.65.



steve said...

So your in at 2.65. If it goes down 50%-75% from here like many of your other BB stocks, will we ever hear about it again, or only if it goes up?

Allan said...

NNVC is down 90% from it's highs, yet the naysayers complain that I keep talking about that one. What is it, you either want me to post about the ones that don't work or you do, make up your friggin' minds, or is that too tedius a task based on what you have to work with.


Anonymous said...


This guy is an obvious psychopath. I've been following your trades and, even with my own exists, I am getting rich fast.

Mark, Utah

Anonymous said...

I second Mark from Utah. Keep up the AWESOME work A.

Bob said...

Now $2.20, I was in at $2.60. Are you doubling up?

Anonymous said...

I am "guessing" that Allan is out already as he has said in the past that he only risks $100 per trade, and a "pop" of 1% gets 1-200$.

Am I right?

Anonymous said...

I am using my own exits and only trade/follow some of Allan's picks.

To date- 100%, not 99% - have been profitable and most in a big way and real fast.

I am ghrateful I was pointed to this blog by a major money manager
in Paris who is a disciple of Allan's. (and possibly invests in Allan's hedge fund, I don't know personally).


Southern Greece

Anonymous said...

Re Gargoyle Investor

Looking back into their portfolio, it is true that they have posted a majority of SELL recommendations but there were definitely other BUY recommendations there as well. This wasn't the only one.