Monday, December 24, 2007

The Anti-Cramer

On Thursday my interview with will be posted. I'll update everyone with a link.

For a hint of how it went, click here.


PS: NTRZ $1.40 and I'm holding every single share I own.


Anonymous said...

Pray to the Gods that this man's pronouncements get promiscuously proffered and promulgated.

It has already reached the remotest areas of Greece, but there still is Siberia, and perhaps a town called "Darwin" in Austrailia.

If so, silver will shower us from the sky (pray we are not shorting it at the time, however) and church bells will sound.

The time of wealth is upon us! LET US REJOICE!

And let Cramer someday proclaim himself to be the "Anti-Harris."

Southern Grrece

Anonymous said...


I've been following and trading this blog for some time now - about a year and a half of following and a year of trading.

While I'm impressed with the performance (adds about 40% per year to my gains), I'm amazed that there are not far more readers- but I've been checking the counter at the bottom of this page and have noticed a spike in readership as of late- and this is during the holiday weekend.

Could it be that we are just riding right into the economic tidal wave that is "The Anti-Cramer?"

Is this man/blog/hedge fund/whatever/whoever the next big thing? The "killer app" of trading?

As a private trader whose rent gets paid from trading my own $$ I and all of my colleagues(about 20 in all) are now tuned into this blog like some kind of religion.

I don't know about you, but unless the number "666" appears somewhere I'm sticking with The Anti-Cramer going forward.

If the number "666" appears I'm STILL going with the Anti-Cramer, just not with a mark on my hand or forehead ;) Only trading his/its/their picks for massive and consistent gains.

Just my 2 cents (or 40% per year's) worth.

Mark in Sandy, Utah