Thursday, December 20, 2007

NTRZ update

NTRZ printed $1.22 today, up 60% from our entries in about one week.

You know by now that I don't usually deal with exits, or targets, or when and if trades should be held. But I will remind everyone that the target for NTRZ is 100% within one year. A new BI Research came out on Monday after the close and it's editor, Tom Bishop, made NTRZ his featured recommendation. Very unusual and very bullish for him to make his lead stock recommendation a reiteration of a former featured stock. I'm holding all my shares.



Anonymous said...

Yers sir:

You surely are in the favour of the Gods now!

We Greeks are up to our eyeballs in near 80% profits!

Thank you for aiding our economy!

Southern Greece

Anonymous said...

I think this interview is long overdue, having been "whacked" by Cramer's picks, I essentially found "God" on this blog.

I hope you do more interviews. Have you tired the WSJ?

Mark in Sandy, Utah

Allan said...

Mark, the interview took place yesterday and will be up on the site next week. I'll provide a heads-up and direct link when that happens. It went great and I think everyone will enjoy hearing me talk about my system, trading, hedge fund, and my newly ordained role as, "The Anti-Cramer."

NTRZ = 1.36

Anonymous said...

Thanks, but it was Leonidas who coined that phrase.

Why not do a full blown blog post entitled "The Anti-Cramer."? Contrasting your styles.

Mark in Sandy,Utah

Anonymous said...

Allan....I am thankful for NTRZ, but I am still geting murdered by NNBP.

I have made a lot on ARWR trading the swings, the last two days have been awesome!!!...but I think its long term potential may be start ing to hit. CHeck out this NYtimes Article on NANO companies:

My portfolio rocked today:

Thanks for the posts!!!RT

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else concerned that we might be getting TOO RICH off of this blog?

I say this as there are ethical limits here.

Mark in Sandy Utah.

Anonymous said...

NTRZ in the United States of America is trading at 1.39 as I write this.

A 90% gain in such a short time.

I will be pleased to tithe 10% to the Gods for this unworldly selection,

...but I wonder if Mr. Harris himself is worthy of inclusion on Olympus?

Southern Greece

Anonymous said...

I second the emotion! You are respected and beloved around the world!

But then, so is MONEY!

You deserve all the publicity you get.

Ever think of entering the US Presidential race? Making everybody rich as a platform would surely separate you from a crowded field.

Galen, in Dublin, Ireland
Long Time Allan H. Disciple.