Monday, October 18, 2010

Another Monday

Not much commentary is needed here.  A 240 minute chart of the DJIA covering the past three months, the DJIA Trend Model, the current price of the index and the reversal level needed to reverse the trend SHORT. 

Everything else is just noise.


Anonymous said...

AVXL, getting spanked Thurs of last week and again today. Trend model reverse? or buy opp?


Anonymous said...

Allan,sometimes I don't understand the market, you, ,well, you shall never be understood.
Is it normal to be discouraged? I don't know which way to trade. Some of your pics are too expensive for me, but, if I had the money, most of your picks are winners.
sorry for being such a downer.


Anonymous said...

it is more than normal to be discouraged !!!
I am downright depressed ...

Allan said...


I think the biggest mistake is too much trading of the shorter term models when we have such stellar results from daily and weekly models. Its not that complicated. Please email me and we can figure out what is going on with your trading.


Allan said...


One more thing. Our ten gold stocks are up an averate of 55%. Some recent picks:

REE +83%
MCP +58%
TGB + 44%

I'm not saying you should have bought all of these, but at least one of them would have been reasonable and these daily picks are pretty straight forward. The gains are there.


Anonymous said...

Still a bull? people are talking daily cycle low..

Anonymous said...

Nicely done,

Allan, can you offer a thought about one aspect of the company NNVC,
their marketing and public relations management .

Is it up to the caliber of high level skill as the medical research is? or is it NNVC's weak link?

People in the past have mentioned how awful their web site is.
I always brushed those comments off as pickyune and not too meaningful....but now I'm not so sure.

A bad website in this day and age IS a sign of some weakness in the company public relations operation.

Brilliant scientists and researchers and doctors are not necessarily

brilliant public relations strategists .

I'm sure they must realize the need to have solid public relations management

but I'm wondering IF it really exists with this company.

Ive often heard you comment on the great science and technology of NNVC.

perhaps you can comment about the
company's public relations department.

And the reason why I ask is because after listening to the CEO's webcast recently,and exchanging a few emails with him...I was left underwhelmed by his responses....and watching the stock price floundering in the doldrums here at the 1.00 area ,while the whole market moves uptrend,including other biotech stocks,moving uptrend....makes me wonder about NNVC's weakness.

I suspect this is the problem with NNVC now. and wonder if investors are losing some interest.

(compare these 3 companies and see if theres a difference....ISCO,BTIM,and NNVC)

your thoughts ?

Mike said...


nice s m o o t h chart....

thanks for posting.