Monday, October 04, 2010

390 Minutes

The most important time frame in my arsenal of trend models are the daily charts.  They just seem to have the best balance between accuracy and frequency of trades.  Since there are 390 minutes in each trading day, it might be illustrative, or even predictive to take a look at some 390 minute trend models on some bellwether stocks:

AAPL_390 Trend Model

BIDU_390 Trend Model

GS_390 Trend Model

PCLN_390 Trend Model

AMZN_390 Trend Model

GOOG_390 Trend Model

These last two, AMZN and GOOG have not yet reversed SHORT.  This either means they are holding support in advance of a rip roaring bull market that will blow our socks off........or, they are about to flip SHORT and join the other key stocks in what could be quite a nasty decline. 

It might help to let the right side of your brain (that's the intuitive part, if you have any of it left) handle this one.


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Anonymous said...

How did they flip on Tuesday 10/5?