Monday, October 18, 2010

Causes of a sick economy

I just made a quick trip to Starbucks and realized what is wrong with our economy, in fact, in our society:

(1) Traffic lights.  This is getting out of hand.  I counted seven lights in the one mile trip to Starbucks.  What do all of these sick jokes cost us?  How about the anger and frustration, especially as a result of  those self-absorbed, callous and cold-blooded drivers who trigger lights by radar coming out of some dinky side-street?  How about the extra fuel used while idling at forever red lights?  I'll bet we could be self-sufficient in oil just by cutting down 10% of traffic lights in our major cities. Or the wear and tear on brakes and the who knows what that black crap is being sent into the atmosphere every time our brakes are applied;

(2) Parking lot speed bumps.  Why are they so high?  They are more like walls then bumps, I have to speed up just to get the momentum to get over some of them; 

(3) Photo-radar.  George Orwell would have a field day with these big-brother intrusions into our privacy and well-being.  How can a society be productive while we cower in fear every time we drive to a store or work, or to visit a sick relative in the hospital, or worse yet,  a trip downtown to feed the hungry or to save the lives of children caught in house fires.  

I imagine those UFO's are laughing there oval heads off as they hover and observe our species subverting our mobile technology and destroying what dignity we have left as a civilization.

Power to the people.


Anonymous said...

allan, i just went to my garden to do 50 push-up..bought more FAS.mind to share if fas safe here?

Anonymous said...

Went to the UK tyhis summer and just loved the 'roundabouts' --their way of keeping traffic flowing instead of lights and 4 ways. Together with the size of the cars it is a reflection of a country that has known hardships and prepares for the next.

Anonymous said...

Stay calm,Allan,youre just mad because youre getting impatient with the markets.

Just like I'm getting impatient with NNVC

My Biotech basket up today except for .... NNVC

BTIM +3%
ISCO +2%
MRNA +5%
PRWP +3%
....even the dead duck GNVC
up 9 % today

NNVC .....down 3 %

all the biotechs made a low in late august early sept and rallied with the market..... except NNVC.

Where's their public relations management team???? to keep their popular edge going ???

The other biotechs are doing it.

NNVC is sleeping at the wheel ??

I'm gonna beat the drum on this question .

Anonymous said...

Don't forget pointless noise like leaf-blowers that drive people nuts. How long would neighbors tolerate your 200 watt amp blasting Black Sabbath for hours on end, with the speakers outside? Or the amplfied sound of metal grinding? Yet somehow a three hour stint with the leaf blower at any time of day during any day of the week is okay?

There is a reason they put mufflers on cars decades ago and it wasn't because of global warming.

Don't get me started on the traffic and speed cameras. Just in school zones, you know, for the kids. What a bunch of crap pushed by speed camera operators.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

haha..Allan your post made me laugh tonight especially after I went and saw this movie:

it was ok...felt like I spent $12.50 for someone to tell me what I already knew.

1) That is so you can be taxed later for all the extra carbon you emit on your trip to SB.

2) You didn't buy a big enough SUV apparently. I heard you can get a hummer pretty cheap now days ;)

3) Photo-radar? Meh. If you're that against it just blow through those yellows @ 60 and pay the man. How about that Patriot act though?

Anyhow you gotta lighten up and not be such a crotchety old man...or move to the stix ;)

Thanks for the rule dude!

Anonymous said...

the economy is sick because all these A-hole politicians (both sides) keep trying to reinvent the wheel. Reagan and Kennedy ( a republican and a democrat by the way) both got it right, they both cut taxes,personal and business, they cut back over regulation of business, they both cut back the size of government and government programs (while actually building the ones that needed it).

And look what followed unprecedented growth of the economy, unemployment fell, tax revenues grew substantially. And the US was the place to be.

I wish these idiots would stop playing politics, look at history and see what actually worked, and then implement it! its not freakin brain surgery!

Anonymous said...

alan- perhaps you should have saved 3 bucks and got your coffee at Mickey D's and saved the lights-either that -buy a green mountain coffee maker.