Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday Update

NNVC is up to $1.18, or about 25% from when I posted this on Wednesday.

As discussed below, FOXH didn't work, not yet at least and because it declined, I was stopped out. It may still pop, but if it does it will do so without me.

Finally, last Friday I posted about The Taylor Effect, a/k/a/ Gravitas here. The QQQQ, which is how I trade Gravitas (with options), is down 1.54% since it's flip to a Sell on March 24th. That signal flips back to a Buy over this weekend.



Anonymous said...

FOXH is moving! Good find! Any guess what an upper level for this move?

tnx curt

Anonymous said...

The Taylor effect is right so far!

Anonymous said...

The taylor effect can't over come the Fed reducing the over night repo rate dropping by .5B last night. Per the 4/2 Wallstreet Examiner:

The Fed drained a tiny $500 million from
the market on Monday, issuing $4.25
billion in overnight repos against $4.75
billion in expirations. Benny and the boys
still look a little tight in the short run.
The Treasury is settling $7 billion in new
money in 2 and 5 year notes today. They
auctioned $16 billion in CMBs on
Monday. They will settle Tuesday. Then
another $16 billion will be auctioned on
Wednesday to settle Thursday, to be offset by paydowns of $1 billion in the 13 and 26 week bills and
$5 billion in the 4 week bills to be auctioned Tuesday. FCB participation in Thursday's 5 year note
auction looked light, and Fed custodial data on FCB holdings released Thursday night put our FCB
indicators jointly on the sell side from a pattern that is likely to be signaling a significant market top. A
period of retrenchment by the FCBs, after a ferocious binge of buying both Treasuries and particularly
Agencies, would be a real problem for the market, given the pressure from the CMBs, until April 16th
when Treasury paydowns kick in.
The Fed is keeping the SOMA right in the middle of the 5% growth channel. They have maintained
that channel, with only minor deviations, for three years. The 4 week moving average is now flat after
being in a strong growth trajectory. These are minor adjustments within the overall context of a steady
5% per year uptrend.

It looks like 12noon will be the high of day, week,,.

Other cycle models include major distruption dates of: 4/15, 4/20 being lows. Sun, moon alignment plus fractal, astrology are picking mid April problem dates.

If the Fed doesn't pump, and institutions are not in major accumulation, looks like we're going down.

Good luck, curt

Anonymous said...

So did FOXH end up being the stock mentioned in the Stansberry newsletter?