Friday, March 16, 2007

Cramer -Thou Shall Not Steal

At about 1:00PM ET Friday, March 16, 2007 NSTK started running higher, on heavy volume. By the close of trading NSTK had run from $9.83 to $10.93. After hours it has traded as high as $11.45.

Why the spike?

After hours, it was Jim Cramer touting it on his CNBC TV show. Only thing is, Cramer tapes his show earlier in the afternoons. Anyone want to guess about what time he started taping Friday's show?

Pretty damn blatant, Jim.

Booyah, my ass.


PS: I owned NSTK since Monday, an I-Buy.


Anonymous said...

your making money quit complaining

Mark said...

First of all it's "you're making money". Second of all, I think Allan is pointing out the fact that whether legal or not, Cramer is manipulating the market and there are a significant number of people who have knowledge of what is taped earlier in the day who are profiting. Third, as Allan has pointed out in the past, Cramer's stock picking service (which people pay a few hundred a year for) usually does not outperform the S&P. He's basically an entertainer and not an effective financial advisor.

I happen to think this post is valuable, regardless of the fact that Allan may have made a profit from it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Allan,

I want to thank one of your readers for a comment on RPTN which led me to ZROS. I bought them and sold them. 100% gains in a couple of weeks. Best trade since I followed you on PTSC. IOU bigtime for PTSC. Thanks Allan, Steaks on me next time you visit NYC. Joe

Allan said...

How to fleece the "moron longs", from the mouth of Jiim Cramer:

Anonymous said...

Allan, The sally rating for the 3/12 I-buy was only 49%, a 17% short interest. There where 4 prior i-buys.

Why did you buy 3/12? Just trying to understand your trading mechanics to help mine.

tnx curt

Allan said...

In truth, my partner Ilene made me buy it, she follows the sector very closely and knows the stock. When you have some familiarity with the company you don't look so closely at things PS and SI.