Wednesday, March 28, 2007


NanoViricides has now become a fully reporting company with the SEC. The significance:

"The effectiveness of its Form 10-SB makes the Company eligible to have its common stock quoted on the NASD Over-The-Counter Bulletin Board upon approval of a recently-submitted application as provided under Exchange Act Rule 15c2-11. NanoViricides cannot predict when its shares of common stock will begin trading on the OTC Bulletin Board but believes it now meets all requirements for doing so."

NNVC's market cap is only $100MM and it's share price is still hovering just under $1.00. Their pipeline is impressive. Absent unforeseen adverse exogenous events, the risk:reward profile of this development stage biotech remains enticing. A move to a legitimate exchange will help both visibility and the stock's eligibility for some funds and institutions to get involved.

I've bought shares as low as 10 cents and more recently as high as 80-90 cents. I think this is one you can buy here, or watch price and volume to start moving up and jump on board then. One big successful trial on any one of their products makes this a $1B company. In other words, achieving a proof of concept milestone catapults market cap and share price.

Make no mistake, this is a bet. But one with a tip sheet.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads-up Allan. Hopefully there's still plenty of upside here.

fish747 said...

Nice bump in the last 24 hours. Is this the Allan Effect?

Anonymous said...

been ridin the Nano V wave since you first posted at WW. thanks...
any update on Apollo Gold. tia.