Monday, March 12, 2007

Uranium Update

Thanks to reader Greg for the following heads up:

ERA Mine Flooding Further Tightens Uranium Supply


Anonymous said...

I have posted the following question couple of times. I guess, Allan is too busy, can some one else take a stab at it please…

What broker do you folks use to trade stocks like FIU.TO?

Do Etrade and Ameritrade let you trade in FIU.TO? Do they charge higher fee than the regular nominal fee 10 – 15 $ on these foreign stock?
Please comment.

Allan said...

Ash, sorry, its hard to keep up with a lot of questions and then I forget to go back sometimes to see what I missed. I use Interactive Brokers for Canadian stocks, and I have no idea what my commissions are, only that IB is about as competitive on commissions as anyone, and that's across a broad spectrum of securities, futures and options.


Greg Reiman said...

Here is the link to a great article on uranium and the alternative to it, thorium.

disclaimer: I own shares of THPW.

Greg Reiman

Corey said...

looks like we may see the U spot price up again soon.

thought the other readers may be able to use another U site with a good news feed

Greg Reiman said...

If ANYONE is reading these comments, here is a link to an article that makes a case for market movements that is strangely similar to Rober Taylor's concepts about the effects of gravity on market movements.

This article is an update on Phil's original article which you can also link to from this article.

Greg Reiman

Anonymous said...

I'm reading, Greg. Thanks for the link.