Wednesday, April 04, 2007


The Market seems to be slowing down in front of the Good Friday holiday, so here are some links of interest to pass some time:

A Uranium stock worth shorting? These analysts think so.

One of the very best trading books I've read in a long, long time: Trend Following.

The best service on the Internet for new stock ideas:

An unusual and unusually accurate market timing service: Taylor Trends.

All you need to know about Insider Buying: Sally.



Marty said...

Alan, speaking of trends (actually this is a stretch)... I thought of you when I came across this site, courtesy of Guy Kawasaki's blog.

Trend Following


Marty said...

Actually, that link brings you to TrendHUNTER. Sorry.

QQQBall said...

i noted the comments on Taylor's book. thanks for teh recommendation.

Anonymous said...

Allan, My paid Elliott/market fundamentals services are charting a move down soon if not next week +/-. The market fundamentals with institutions not buying sees market levels being largely dependent on M3/Repo cash entering the market and carry trade.

Taylor has his cycle turn dates coinciding next week.

What's your view on a downside move in the next days/weeks?

Health of the consumer 6 months out?

RE: Uranium co's that are just a patch of dirt, I worry about URZ... I want to buy a piece of that action but??

Thanks and good luck to all, curt