Monday, April 16, 2007

Xyber9 Software

I have been asked about Robert Taylor's offering of Xyber9 software in terms of whether or not I intend to acquire a copy. Xyber9 is the software program that generates the weekly market forecasts that are available at the Taylor Trends web site.

After thinking long and hard about whether or not any market timing tool can be worth $20,000, my conclusion is yes, this is a tool that has the potential to be everything market timers need to trade the indexes. Insofar as I have made and lost many times that amount of money in my years of trying to "beat" the market and insofar as since I've been tracking the Xyber9 forecasts it has been right on the money on about four of every five short-term forecasts, I don't see how any serious market timer can pass on this opportunity.

I don't know if Mr. Taylor can reduce his methodology to a software program that is user friendly and as effective as his forecasts have been these past 10 months, but, if he can, the reward more then outweighs the risk here and I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.



Anonymous said...

Hi Allan, Good to hear you're going in for Taylor's software. When Robert mentioned that more than one company has inquired about an exclusive all rights included purchase that raised the hair on my neck. As in the big guys buying and locking up the few means us retail investors can keep from giving our losses to the "house".

I then came across this cycle timer who was bought out be Merc (??).

--An in-depth look at an unusual way of predicting market activity: sunspot activity, with Charles Nenner, of Cycle Forecaster--

Then it occurred to me that if Robert sells and privatizes his service everyone looses and another notch for a conspiracy theory against the retail investor.

OBTW, I'm pretty sure these Tobin Smith recent picks can be posted here because I know I'm not on his paid service and these where in todays email:

Advantage Energy Income Fund (AAV), Akamai Technologies (AKAM), Apple (AAPL), Canetic Resources Trust (CNE), Gateway (GTW), Harvest Energy Trust (HTE), JA Solar Holdings (JASO), Pengrowth Energy Trust (PGH), Provident Energy Trust (PVX), SanDisk (SNDK), Silicon Image (SIMG), Silicon Motion (SIMO) and Trident Microsystems (TRID),

Thanks Allan, curt

Anonymous said...

Hi Allan,

Twenty thousand dollars for some software? Please, no more cool aid for you. After all you are the best! Thank you for everything.


Anonymous said...

Allan, Thanks for your reply on this subject. Hopefully, I meet you in Atlanta this fall.