Monday, April 23, 2007

Jim Cramer v. The Market

So Cramer doesn't want to make friends (except maybe Erin Burnett) he just wants to make you money. Not just money, he wants to make you rich. Ok, here's my irregular update on Cramer's effectiveness as a stock picker:


S&P 500 = +4.66%

Russell 2000 Index = +5.11%

Jim Cramer's Action Alerts ($400/year service) = +3.87%

Since Inception - January, 2002

S&P 500 = +29.27%

Jim Cramer's Action Alerts = +32.78%


hmoffsuite said...

Thanks, Allan, for digging that up. I had always wondered how Cramer actually did, statistically.

Anonymous said...

Cramer was a Carnival Barker in his previous life