Friday, April 27, 2007

If This is Goodbye

My famous last words
Are laying around in tatters
Sounding absurd
Whatever I try
But I love you
And that's all that really matters
If this is goodbye
If this is goodbye

Your bright shining sun
Would light up the way before me
You were the one
Made me feel I could fly
And I love you
Whatever is waiting for me
If this is goodbye
If this is goodbye

Who knows how long we've got
Or what were made out of
Who knows if there's a plan or not
There is our love
I know there is our love

My famous last words
Could never tell the story
Spinning unheard
In the dark of the sky
But I love you
And this is our glory
If this is goodbye
If this is goodbye



GReg Reiman said...

Who can figure out what company this is and also what is "Jack Morgan's" company?

Deadline close of markets today!!!!!

Greg Reiman

April 27, 2007

Dear S&A Subscriber,

One of the best investment ideas from S&A’s Spring Editors conference is about to be revealed...

It’s very profitable, very cheap, and can safely return 500% or more over the next few years.

Simply put, it’s an exceptional opportunity for our most serious investors.

However, we’re limiting the release of this special report to just 1% of our readers.

To find out why and to help you decide if this situation is right for you, Porter shares more details below.

Good Investing,

George Rayburn
Publisher, S&A Investment Research


DATE: APRIL 25, 2007
TO: S&A Subscribers
RE: Jack Morgan
FROM: Porter Stansberry

Dear Reader,

What I'm about to describe is not for everyone... Nor can we offer it to everyone either.

The short section below explains why, and should give you some idea if this situation is right for you.

An official report on this matter will be released April 27 at 3PM. If you are interested, I strongly recommend you act right away...

Last week, our entire S&A team met in Naples, Florida, to discuss our best ideas for the next year.

We invited no press. Only 4 outsiders. One of them – a Venture Capitalist and money manager we'll call Jack Morgan – presented an idea that was the consensus favorite. (You'll see why in a few moments.)

Jack Morgan is 55 years old and tall, with thinning blonde hair. He's made tens of millions for himself and his clients over the past two decades.

Jack had the undivided attention of everyone in the room... as he presented his "best investing idea" for 2007-2008.

Here are 5 quick and key points about this company. Look them over, and you'll be able to tell right away if this kind of investment is right for you or not.

As I said, we can't offer this to everyone, and you'll see why:

1) With a market cap of less than $200 million, this might be the smallest company we’ve ever recommended at S&A...

2) This company has NO debt. And they carry so much cash on their balance sheet that they could buy out all their public shareholders within a year.

3)They just announced plans to expand their business in Asia, which would make it the first of its kind over there. (You’ll see why this is so huge in a few moments).

4)Jack Morgan owns 9% of the company. Once we show you his track record, you’ll understand the importance of this. Jack’s companies have gone up as much as 631-times in value.

5)It’s foreign traded – on a European exchange only.

Maybe you can see why this investment is not for everyone... and why we can't offer it to everyone either:

We know most of our subscribers won't go for a foreign stock. Either they don't have a broker who can trade on foreign exchanges, or it just seems too difficult.

But we have plenty of sophisticated investors at S&A – so we're still left with too many potential buyers out there.

Because shares of this European-based company are so thinly traded, we're releasing our report on Jack Morgan's company this Friday, to just 1% of our readers.

Information like this -- about a little-known British company that's tightly held by a few very wealthy shareholders -- is out of the reach of most investors.
Simply put, this information is worth $100 million or more, to the right investor. And, if this information falls into too many hands, it will be ruined. Thousands of people can't take advantage of this kind of insight -- the stock is too tightly held and the number of shares available for purchase is too small.

To make sure our members get in a good share price, we're limiting the release of this report to just 1% of our readers.

Once we hit our 1% target, access to this opportunity will be closed.

Which makes this situation even more valuable for those investors who can afford to pay for it.

When we get information like this -- about very special situations involving tightly held small stocks -- we reserve the reports for our Phase 1 group.

Simply put, our Phase 1 investors are the elite. They make up less than 1% of our total subscriber file. They've proven their ability as investors and they understand the value of information like this.

While we might sell information like this to professional investors for $50,000 or more (why not, the price is a fraction of what will be made on this information) we offer entry into Phase 1 for only $5,000 per year.

At that price most of you won't sign up. We know that – but it's one way to regulate our 1% target. Not to mention, we think it's pretty fair, considering most of Jack's wealthy clients pay him $50,000+ a year for ideas like this one.

What I can tell you about this company here, in these pages, is limited.

That said, let me tell you below what I can about this company, what makes it our consensus favorite at S&A... and why Jack Morgan now owns 9% of the company...

Meet Jack Morgan
Jack Morgan grew up in the Pacific NW with hippie parents, who doubled as geologists.

Jack followed the same path... got his PhD in Geology... and quickly set out to make money from it.

That, he did. Jack's made tens of millions for himself and his clients running an investment bank specializing in just one thing:

Natural resources.

Small mining companies in need of cash go to Jack. If he thinks they've got promise, he invests money with them. And when they take off, he and his clients make a fortune:

Consolidated Stikine


Lundin Mining

Tenke Mining


Pan American Silver

If you'd given Jack $25,000 when he uncovered Consolidated Stikine, for example, you'd be sitting on $7 million and change, once he exited the position.

To capture that multiple of return (280-times) in the mining industry – which is loaded with pitfalls to begin with – you really have to know what you're doing.

That's why Jack's stayed in the business for more than 30 years. And that's why Jack was standing at the podium at our conference in Naples last week, talking about his best idea for the year ahead.

As I mentioned, it's a publicly traded company on a European exchange... it's small... and its business does exactly what Jack's own private firm does, but in other parts of the globe (Jack's firm mainly focuses on the US and Canada).

It's a natural resources investment bank – so it came to no surprise to us that Jack has recently gobbled up 9% of the outstanding shares.

He knows this business better than anyone else in the world... so for him to take such a large position is the most bullish sign we could hope for.

Here's a quick breakdown of what they do. There are THREE key components to their business...

#1: Why Investment Banks
Make So Much Money
It's no secret that investment banks make a lot of money.

Almost everyone in America heard about the ridiculous $16.5 billion in bonuses the boys at Goldman Sachs got this past December.

And shops like Goldman can make those big payouts because Wall Street had another one of its record years.

In fact, in 2006, the biggest firms including Merrill Lynch, UBS and Goldman Sachs collectively made $90 billion in profits.

Simply put...

Investment banks are cash-generating machines.

Here's the gist of how they do it:

They help companies raise capital, to go public, and to acquire other businesses. And, every single time they structure a deal, they get paid large fees with high rates of interest.

It's no different with the European bank Jack Morgan tipped us off to, except they're much smaller, and they only do business in the natural resources sector.

Last year they raised $268 million dollars in 14 offerings. Their income from all those deals was $15 million dollars – an amount 167% greater than what they took home in 2005.

But here's the real kicker.

While their investment banking income has been solidly growing, I expect it to easily rise by 400%-500% over the next few years.

Let me show you why...

#2: Blazing a Trail from Asia...
back to Europe

Just recently this small London firm announced details about their plans to expand their investment-banking operations in Asia.

Every company is trying to make inroads into Asia these days, for obvious reasons...

And just because you have business in Asia, it doesn't mean you're going to make money over there.

So what's so special about what this company is doing over there?

They'll be the only investment bank in Asia specializing in the natural resources sector.

You see, there's a MAJOR trend taking place right now with foreign companies going public on the London stock exchange. I'm sure you've read something about it.

Even US companies are foregoing the US exchanges and going public in London instead. For instance, right now, there are 78 US companies listed in London.

Why's this happening? Because money flows where it's treated best. There's better tax treatment in London, and there's no SEC breathing down their necks.

Asian companies are doing the exact same thing. They're getting listed in London in greater numbers.

Take a look:



In 2006, this small investment bank – out of all the big name, big time investment banks like Goldman and JP Morgan, brought the most companies public on London Exchange – many of the companies you see listed here.

And soon, with a base of operations in Asia, the kinds of companies you see above will have someone they'd probably already turn to for a London listing, right in their own backyard.

It's a smart move.

What they'll do is structure deals to raise money for Asian companies in Europe's capital markets. And help manage the flow of international investment into China.

This Asia connection is huge when you consider that the country's economy has been booming with 10% GDP growth rates over the past few years and no slow down is expected anytime soon.

According to the International Monetary Fund, between 2002-2005, China alone accounted for 48% of the increased demand in aluminum, 51% of the increased demand in copper, and an incredible 110% of lead.

The point is, China needs new supplies of every natural resource out there. To get these things, they need mining projects all over Asia.

And we've found a way to get in on these deals, with a company that is extremely small... and profitable.
So how has this tiny firm been able to work their way into the Asian markets, long before anyone else?

According to Jack Morgan, the guys that run this bank have what he calls the best "Intellectual Capital" in this market today.

The business was started by a former stockbroker and financial journalist for the Financial Times. Over the years he's managed investment banking companies in Australia, North America and the U.K. He's also served as a Director of over 20 companies – mostly in the gold and mineral resources sector.

He joined forces with an exceptional team of investment bankers from JP Morgan's Metals & Mining Desk.

These guys spent their careers, (some 20 plus years), advising major natural resource companies like BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, and Glencore on acquisitions and capital markets.

Then they left one of Wall Street's biggest shops to start their own firm which focused on small cap mining and minerals companies, because they knew their expertise was very valuable.

Basically, the folks at the company we're recommending right now know more about mining, precious metals and natural resources than just about anyone around.

Just take a peek inside their portfolio, and you'll see what I mean...

#3: A Glimpse Inside an
Investment Bank's Portfolio
What we love about this business with just one investment, you can own a collection of the best small mining companies out there today.

Their portfolio includes:

A low cost gold explorer, run by a management team known for its exploration and mining experience. Right now, this company controls the 1st large scale gold mine ever developed in Egypt... over 8 million ounces are projected there. Just to keep up with demand, drilling on the ore body is running 7 days a week and the discovery of new resources increased by 215% in the last 18 months...

Already, the share price on this company has risen 64% in less than a year.

A platinum mining company. This company has projects in an area of South Africa which produces 80% of the world's platinum. Drilling has already commenced on one site and four other properties await new order prospecting rights which are imminent.

The stock price on this small mining company has already doubled.

An iron mining company. This group has an 80% interest in 100 million tons of iron ore in Canada. It has a unique opportunity to re-establish a mine which was once owned and operated by one of the biggest ore miners in Canada. The life mine on this project is 20 years.

A gold mining company with key projects in Uruguay. This company is already actively producing 100,000 ounces of gold annually.

Any one of those businesses would be a smart investment.

But when you put them all together and add in a commodity bull market, which we believe could run another 10 years, you can see why I'm calling this one of the best investment opportunities in the world today.

This small European firm is also one of the cheapest and safest investments in the world today.

They have NO debt. And they carry so much cash on their balance sheet that they could buy out all their public shareholders within a year. But taking the company private isn't in their plans.

Instead they intend to keep finding really smart places to put all their cash.

But here's what's really amazing about all this... right now, no one's paying attention to this company.

Here's why...

500% Gains With Virtually No-Risk...

The reason most investors have never heard of this company is because it trades on a European based exchange...

Its current operating structure is only a few years old...

And... it's a small company with a market cap of $200 million, which means its way off Wall Street's radar. Most of the bigger shops won't even look at companies that are worth less than $300 million because at that size it just can't generate enough profits for them.

So here's the very best part...

Because it gets no coverage from the big shops... because it's operating structure is so new and... because it trades on a foreign exchange (one of the biggest and oldest in the world)... you can get in while the company is very small, and very cheap.

What really makes this opportunity so exceptional is that their stock price is insanely low considering how much value their portfolio holds and the big gains expected in their investment banking income going forward.

In fact, I honestly don't believe you could find another company out there with so much value that is selling so cheap.

And given its rates of return, and with so much potential value in this small firm's individual businesses there's really no telling how high the stock price can go.

My conservative estimate is gains of at least 500% over the next few years.

How did I come up with this number?

Well, this small investment bank is not the only one of its kind.

You may have seen us write recently about a firm called Quest Capital, which has a similar operation.

Since 2002, Quest's stock price is up an incredible 1,547%.

If you knew about it 5 years ago, an initial investment of $5,000 would have grown to $77,000.

A $10,000 investment? You would have pocketed over $154,000.

But you haven't missed out. You've got the chance to get in on the next Quest, while it is still very, very small.

I really believe given the value of its portfolio and its access to the China's capital markets, the investment bank we're recommending this month is even better.

But because the business has so many parts, and because it's in a speculative market, I had a team of analysts and editors picking this apart in both in our Baltimore and Florida offices.

What we found is that the gains could easily top 100% over next few months and... could realistically return that amount every year for the next 10 years.

Our insider – Jack Morgan – calls the opportunity I'm about to share with you, "the single most rational, speculative investment you could make in the world today..."

After everything I've learned about it, I'm calling it S&A's best investment opportunity for 2007...

That's why we're including it in this month's Phase 1 Investor...

Why We're Making an Exception This
Month in Phase 1 Investor and Why
You Need to Know What it is...

Typically in Phase 1 Investor we focus on small biotech stocks. That's because, biotech offers the potential of extremely large gains.

Look at our track record over the years and you'll see that almost all of our really big winners come from the biotech arena...

There's Elan Pharmaceuticals, which some subscribers used to make more than 422%...

Sirna Therapeutics, which we closed with a 203% gain...

Celegene which made some readers 183% and...

ID Biomedical which helped some of our subscribers pocket a 167% gain. The list goes on and on.

Biotech – unlike most other sectors – is very hard to analyze.

You have to look at more than just the financials. You need to understand the science too. In fact, if you don't understand both, there's little chance for success.

That's why the profit potential is so big and why so few people can do it.

Which is why we hired Rob Fannon and Dr. George Huang from John Hopkins University.

Rob came to us about a year ago. He studied physiology and biochemistry as an undergrad and then earned two advanced degrees for John Hopkins University, one of the top medical colleges in the country.

Rob has also had extensive lab and field experience.

He worked as a lab technician at a company called Bioserve. There he conducted a series of genetic research projects for the National Institute of Health. He was also a researcher at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles in the hospital's Comprehensive Prostate Cancer Research Program.

And although Rob's only been officially "on-board" here at Stansberry & Associates for about a year, he's actually been my secret contact for many of our best medical and biotech recommendations prior to that.

Rob Fannon is extremely skeptical and conservative—that's exactly what you want if you are going to invest in brand new technologies.

Every time he's told me he's sure a new medical technology will work, it has. In short, Rob is the best biotech and medical analyst I've ever come across.

Rob even hired a research analyst named Dr. George Huang to work at his side – solely for the purpose of locating biotech breakthroughs.

George's specialty is getting exclusive information from top universities... labs... and venture capital firms for new technologies in the health sector. (He holds a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins' School of Medicine, where he worked under a 2003 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry... speaks three languages... worked for a Canadian biotech investment firm... and is published in the four best journals of his field.)

We pay a premium for Rob and George's specialized knowledge.
This is why Phase 1 is our most expensive research service, and why it's also why it's our most successful one too.

Their research has already helped our readers make a lot of money.

For instance Rob uncovered a company called Crucell. It's a small medical company which developed a safer and faster vaccination technology. To date, Crucell is up over 270%.

He also recommended to our readers a company called Esperion. They had developed a radical new way to treat heart disease. Rob's expertise and connections on this recommendation was crucial. In a previous position he worked in a lab down the hall from one of the lead clinical researchers for Esperion. Readers who acted on Rob's recommendation had the chance to make 55% gains overnight when the company was sold to Pfizer.

Opportunities like Crucell and Esperion don't just happen. It takes weeks of analysis, meetings with corporate management, thorough readings of current scientific and technology journals, as well as interviews with independent experts.

But when Rob and George do find these early-stage, BIG IDEA companies it's well worth it. These are the companies that change the face of business... and have the potential to grow 500% to 1,000% – or more.

Usually what we end up covering in Phase 1 Investor are the most promising biotech opportunities in the market. But once in while we also uncover some "special situation" opportunities.

These are other innovative trends outside the medical field. Everything from high-tech gold and oil exploration developments, to breakthroughs in wireless technology... nanotechnology... and much more.

Which is exactly the case this month with the opportunity presented by the small European investment bank.

If you're interested in learning more details... a complete review of their three operations... the name of this bank... how and where to purchase shares (remember it trades on a European exchange), you'll want to subscribe to Phase 1 Investor today.

Let me tell you a little more about Phase 1 Investor so you can decide if this type of research is right for you...

How the Rich Get Richer...

You should know that Phase 1 Investor is different from everything else we do here at S&A Investment Research.

In fact, this kind of investing is not for most people.
And honestly, that's why it's so successful.

Phase 1 Investor is designed for a very small group of aggressive – but prudent – investors who want to make serious money.

Our typical subscriber has already had a good deal of investment success. And they are willing to pay a bit more money to access the types of opportunities we cover in Phase 1 Investor.

Simply put, this is our elite service – the very best investment ideas for our most serious investors.

These are the kinds of investments that can literally change your life – where an investment of $10,000 can quickly return 100% or even 200% gain... the kind that can payout a full year's salary within a few weeks time... the kind that will literally allow you to QUIT WORK, forever, and retire.

It happens all the time – you just have to know about the RIGHT company at the RIGHT time... with help from the experts directly involved.

Finding those types of opportunities takes a great deal of analysis and most often the right "inside connections".

That's exactly who we have with Jack Morgan. Here's another great example why:

In 1999, for example, while most other analysts were recommending tech stocks at the New Orleans Investment Conference, Jack gave a virtually unnoticed speech about investing in uranium mining companies.

Many of those companies, of course, are now out of business, after losing investors a fortune...

But the uranium companies Jack recommended in New Orleans -- including Paladin, International Uranium (now called Denison), and Strathmore -- gained 57,900%... 3,463%... and 1,804%, respectively...

If you had asked Jack to invest just $10K in each of those uranium companies I just mentioned...

You would have made $6,316,700.


My point is, Jack is an exceptional investor, and one of the most important natural resources insiders in the industry...

As I mentioned earlier, Jack's clients are extremely wealthy, and don't hesitate to pay Jack $50,000 or more in fees each year to manage their money. You can probably see why from the examples above.

You can gain access to Jack's best idea for 2007 and spend a fraction of that amount.

One full year of Phase 1 Investor usually costs $5,000.
If you are interested in this small investment bank, I strongly urge you to sign up right away. You'll also have 3 months to see if you agree with us when we say it's worth every single penny.

As I mentioned earlier, because this is such an exceptional opportunity and because the stock is so thinly traded we'll be tightly managing the release of this report to just 1% of our subscribers.

Once that 1% mark is full, this opportunity will be closed.

As soon as you start your Phase 1 subscription, you'll be put on our distribution list. You'll receive our report on Jack Morgan's top opportunity as soon as it comes out, and you'll have 90 days to keep or cancel it. No pressure to commit on your end.

Again, I think that's a bargain, considering a small investment in just one of the opportunities you read about each month in Phase 1 Investor could pay for your subscription... many times over.

Each month, Rob puts together an extremely detailed Report on his Phase 1 recommendation. And when appropriate, like this month, Rob hosts a special Conference Call to discuss the opportunity in full.

Let me share with you the information you need to get started including the details on this month's conference call.

Everything You Need to Know...

On Friday, April 27th Rob will be releasing his full report on Jack Morgan's tiny investment bank...

If you're interested in being among the 1% of our subscribers receiving the report, here's what I recommend you do:

1) Sign up right now for a trial subscription to Rob Fannon's Phase 1 Investor. As soon as his report is completed it will be emailed directly to you.

You will also receive Rob's e-mail updates on this company, and on the other research Rob is doing.

2) Listen in on a private conference call, for subscribers only, which will take place on Tuesday, May 1st at 5pm Eastern time. Prior to the call we'll send you an email with the toll–free number to call. You'll hear from Rob Fannon, the investment bank's CEO, and Matt Badiali who is S&A's precious metals and natural resources expert. There will also be an outside expert on the call who has over 30 years financing and investing in the natural resources sector.

If you can't make the call, don't worry. It will be recorded, so you can listen whenever it's convenient for you. Of course, it's not required that you listen to the call at all—everything you need to know will be delivered in Rob's report on Friday.

The private conference call simply gives you the opportunity to hear from the company's CEO, an outside natural resources investment expert, as well as Rob Fannon and Matt Badiali. At the end of the call, they'll also be an opportunity for you to ask questions about this company and their business, if you have any.

3) When you give Phase 1 Investor a try, you will have the next three (3) months to decide if this service is right for you. It is certainly not right for everyone. Three months should give you plenty of time to see how Rob's recommendations perform.

During that time, you'll receive Rob's monthly reports... and be invited to join in on any special conference-call meetings when we host them.

If you decide Phase 1 isn't for you, simply cancel your subscription before your 3-month trial period is up. I'll send you a full refund – 100% – no questions asked.

For more information – and to get started right away –
click here.

Join today and you'll receive Rob's full report as soon as it's released on Friday, April 27th.


Porter Stansberry,
Founder, Stansberry & Associates

P.S. Remember, Rob's complete report will be emailed to you on Friday April 27th. The conference call with the CEO and an outside natural resources investment expert will take place on Tuesday May 1 at 5pm Eastern. We'll send you an email with the full details on how to participate.

P.P.S. One more can receive a $500 discount on your subscription

Greg Reiman said...

I think it may be Ambrian Capital:

Listed on the London AIM exchange.

I am not real confident and would not invest based on this tip.

Rreg Reiman

Greg Reiman said...

Ambrian Capital (AMBR) on London AIM exchange took off on Apr 30th after the letter being hyped above released the pick. Now, they are hyoping a conference call tonight to discuss this same pick. Could it move the stock again?

Recent news release from Ambrian re a China company taking a large stake in AMBR which confirms the hype about their new focus on Asia mining markets.

Anyone buy this one? How do you buy stocks on the London AIM?