Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bird Flu - update

Oouch, after just getting off the mat from being sucker punched on DSCO, today a brokerage downgrade is taking NVAX down 10%.

While we await bird flu's spread across North America's avaian population, day to day sh-t happens. Fluctuations in our stocks are a lot less meaningful then meets the eye. The media frenzy that should ensue from the spread of the disease so close to home will eventually erase petty brokerage downgrades to their rightful place: l'oblivion.



Ronny said...

Allan,thanks for the update on NVAX.I didn't have any bird flu stocks,so I thought it was a good chance to purchase one at a discount.
I was reading on msn money about the bull market in sugar predicted for the rest of the year.The only low priced stock they advised was ILVOF.It didn't have a lot of volume.What do you think?

Buddy Johnson said...

Hey about about VGNI? VIRAGEN is a biotech company that's doing a lot of work in Scotland, and seeing that it's priced at 17 cents and bird flu was just found an hour outside of Edinburgh, the stock should see some kind of movement. Check out the website at .


Anonymous said...

It's confirmed. Deadly H5N1 bird flu found in Scotland.

VRA (Viragen) is working with Scotland company, the Roslin Institute on development of Transgenic Avian Technology.

conquer_crash said...

Allan, I'm w/Ronny... trying to figure out some good sugar buy-ins. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


Seems like no one is watching Moly stocks either. Adanac and Golden Phonenix have been running well. Any thoughts?