Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Finally made it out of O' I can add Chicago as one of the places I've lived.

First of all, thanks to all for your outpouring of support. Getting personal had it's own risk:reward profile, and I got a 10-bagger from you folks.

Second, let's go ahead and make some money. The market should be close to a summer rally mode, maybe one wipe out first, or maybe just straight up, it shouldn't matter either way.

Finally, bad news out this morning for DSCO, based on everything we know, we aren't selling a single share, but aren't buying more until we review the conference call.



tjbrune said...

hi allan,

great to be home isn't it ?

XDSL and PTSC have been doing poorly, and i see no news. PTSC up a little today, but has had a tough 2 weeks. XDSL continues down.

Wave rider (now WVWC) doing better since the merger, and SMTR just hanging.

would you please comment on these as to any changes you know in their story making them less worth continued risk for the initial high reward opportunity.


k said...

welcome back. we're with you all the way.

as you said, now back to the money...What is your analysis on PTSC. with the news today, i am still long and strong on this one. do you see it hitting $2 again anytime soom.

jona said...

BCRX is tanking, too, down 1.04(5.95%) as of 11:15 EST. My intention, buying a few days ago, was go mid/long with it. Being a new investor, I'm now wondering -- on one hand -- should wait til it bottoms out and buy some more, or -- on the other hand -- where the threshold is to just cut my losses and seek greener pastures. Any thoughts?

Allan said...

I contine to advocate the "basket" approach on all these stocks, NNVC, PTSC, XDSL, etc. and do not worry too much about day-to-day fluctuations. Two catalysts will hopefully generate a few 10-baggers or better from the group:

(1) Company specific news,


(2) The Dent-Wolanchuk Bull Market of Epic Proportions.

So buy 10 names, if you want to add an eleventh, sell one of the other ten, probably the worst performing one and use the proceeds for the new name.

Remember, this is a different way of investing then most of us have been used to all our investing careers.

Finally, bird flu stocks can be part of your speculative basket as above, or as in my case, a basket in and of itself. The real bird flu crisis hasn't hit yet. Some of these stocks are up 5-fold or more just on preliminary news. Imagine what will come next.


jona said...

Thanks Allan. I appreciate the feedback. I've put my initial bird flu buy, largely as per what I've read here, into avii, avan, bcrx and, for a safer anchor, gild. About $4000 spread pretty evenly between the four. I've left another $600 in cash reserve. Given the amount I'm working with for a bird flu basket, do you think I should spread those out even more? I know this is small change compared to what you're working with, but I'm learning as I go with this speculative buying. Thanks again.

Allan said...


perfect, stay put.