Tuesday, November 09, 2010

NNVC - update

I can think of a half dozen fundamental explanations that are plausible and there are probably just as many that are beyond my understanding and/or knowledge.

What I do know is that on November 3, NNVC reversed LONG @ $1.08.  I also know that if NNVC closes this week above $1.33 it's Weekly model will reverse LONG.


Anonymous said...


Whatever the reason, I love this stock!

There is no PR this week..maybe people are starting to realize this might just be the stock of the century..and want to get in?

If there is news next week, we might reach 2.00 once again.

Anonymous said...

We crossed the 200ma today...major bullish indicator!

Anonymous said...

not so fast my friend

Anonymous said...

Is this not a good sign?

Am I wrong AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

its a good sign that NNVC has not collapsed back down below 1.20 support.....so far

but if it falls thru the support in the coming days,or next week, then its the same old pattern with NNVC....so far

IF NNVC holds above the 1.30 area and especially the 1.40 area

that has to be seen as a good sign.

and IF NNVC moves up to test the next resistance level at 1.60-1.75 area

and shows some kind of strength there,without collapsing down to 1.30 or below,especially below 1.20

then That will be a good sign.

and NNVC really needs to start showing these good signs right about now.

Meanwhile....biotech investors would do well to look at some other breakthrough companies that are also making tremendous advances in their field of science.

Some I like are



worth looking into.

Might be on the same level of potential as NNVC

Anonymous said...

Thursday update on NNVC (as I see it)

NNVC showing the strength I wanted to see.... jumped to the 1.60 and stopped there.
Why did it stop there?
because thats the beginning of the next resistance zone,as I mentioned before.

A nice move up today.

now we watch to see if it holds above the 1.40-1.47 zone

simple TA

in other news I mentioned biotechs to watch. BTX (Biotime)
jumped today into the 7 dollar zone , boosted by the Agora newsletter promotion release to the general public, what subscribers get a week or so ahead of time.

not surprized to see the jump. Now to watch BTX for strength holding this price level.

ISCO seems to be holding up ok this week as well.

These stock picks are my own that I like,and they may not be the same as those Allan likes and recommends on his list .I try not to abuse the generosity he allows posters to offer their views here.I hope to make a worthwile contribution when I can.

Some of the stocks I like are found in Patrick Cox's Breakthrough Technology newsletter .
I like his newsletter quite a bit and highly recommend it. I am not an employee of Agora ....or of ALL ALLAN Megamillion Monumental Investing service.....


Anonymous said...

Sunday nov 14

Looking at the daily and weekly charts of NNVC

Really shows the time is now and the battle is here between the 1.20 and 1.40 zone for holding support.

NNVC had a breakout week last week.

Now it has to hold at support. The charts have matured into this price slot,the moving averages are here, support /resistance price points are here.

Its time for the fruit to come to fruition.

Its time for all believers to hold on and speculators to be overcome.

1.20 is the critical support line.(as I see it)

If NNVC has matured into real strength it will not close below 1.20

If it does fall below 1.20
demonstrates that speculators still hold the power over this stock.

Anonymous said...

now I understand why this is the pattern of selling.

its the PIPE financing

Anonymous said...

What is there to like about PRWP?
I'd like to know more.

When I look at the PRWP Yahoo message board, most of those who claim to support the company are foul mouthed and ignorant sounding. The detractors on the other hand seem to post reasonable sounding arguments although one or two give off an extremely arrogant air that is distasteful. And I can't figure out why someone who dislikes the company spends so much time on a message board about that company.

Why is PRWP something to be considered?