Friday, November 05, 2010

Buy & Holding Long Term Trends

The stock market is a marathon for longer term investors. The  Buy & Hold crowd was popular in the late 20th Century before being wiped out in the 2000-2002 debacle on Wall Street.  Perhaps no group better then these conservative investors can benefit more from the trend models.  We can describe it as "Buy & Holding Long Term Trends."  Lets take a look at few Weekly Trends that we follow on the private e-mail list:

NNVC Weekly Trend Model

BIDU Weekly Trend Model

GORO Weekly Trend Model

REE Weekly Trend Model

VXX Daily Trend Model




Anonymous said...

Is the weekly buy triggered at 1.33 or higher

Anonymous said...

I would but NNVC now!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me who has the power to bring this stock down to 1.24--load up-- and then it takes of to 1.35.

Is this manipulated by investors?


Anonymous said...

it is all those 'anonymous' who drives the stock price up and down ...

Anonymous said...

its just predictable price action. sellers stepped in at 1.40 resistance to take profit. they will do it again at 1.70

Anonymous said...

Market Summary

...lets see,

1) Bernanke suggests in a statement that QE2 will probably happen

2) the election comes and goes

3) a few stick saves at key support points stops the short sellers

4) FOMC meeting says QE is on

5) Buyers blast the market up...while the wizard drops the dollar down a bit

.... did I miss anything ?

next target 1300 s+p
and a happy christmas retail season.

january 2011 out below for the real (semi engineered) correction

probably back to s+p 1100

at worst. at worst I say.

1100....1120 ...wherever the 200 MA is....thats it.

enjoy the 'new normal'