Wednesday, November 03, 2010

NNVC - Buy Signal

For what seems like an eternity, NNVC has been on a Daily Sell Signal.  Things look to be changing today:

NNVC Daily Trend Model

If NNVC closes today above $1.08 it will generate its first Buy signal since August.  Although not perfect, these Buys on NNVC have been very good, some leading to excellent returns.

On the fundamental side, here is a recent quote from Patrick Cox who writes, Breakthrough Technology Alert:

NanoViricides is on the precipice of a mammoth breakthrough — they hold what is likely the cure to all worldly viruses.  In combination with that, NanoViricides holds a virtual license to profit through the FDA voucher system.

Best of all, the story hasn’t hit the mainstream media yet and your opportunity to join this transformational move is still here.

Incidentally, we know that small biotechs are particularly subject to irrational vacillations. It’s inevitable that this company will be bouncing in weeks and months to come. Right now, however, almost nobody knows what I’ve said in this report. If you plan to buy, be patient and pick up stock when prices are down.

If you jump in and bid the price of this small cap up too high, it will attract attention and the bargains could be gone for good. And please don’t settle for short-term gains of a few hundred percent. The long-run potential of this technology is far, far greater — and today’s opportunity truly is once in a lifetime.

Back when NNVC was under $0.50 I suggested that buying $10,000 worth of NNVC will be worth $1,000,000 by 2014.  Development of the company's anti-viral platform in the past year is consistent with that forecast.  If anything, I am way low as NNVC is getting ready to become front page news in every medical journal across the world.  Again from Patrick Cox:

Next on the list is HIV. Back in 2008, spectacular results were announced for HIVCide in Israel. Based on the findings there, it was suggested that the company had attained a “functional cure.” This is due to the drug’s ability to decrease the amount of circulating virus and to suppress the virus exiting infected cells in which it was sequestered. HIVCide should allow an affected person to live an essentially normal life, as virus load is so low that the virus cannot be transmitted.

Want to put a price on the worth of an antiviral that conquers HIV?

Even I am not so bold.



Anonymous said...

nice pop and no comments?

allan, do you have any ew counts?

Anonymous said...

comments from whom ???
Master Allan ???

t said...

Allan did comment in the blog post.

NNVC finally broke out again.
It was a 'good sign' in recent days that NNVC at least held above 1 dollar....that seemed to be a big pressure point,in my mind.

Now this pop is good....but not to get overly excited just yet....there are big resistance points price wise at all those old places you can see on the chart,and moving average lines to break through as well.
Get me above 1.50 and stay there without a big sell off and maybe we'll be moving forward again.

NNVC really needs to move up and away from the 1 dollar area as a benchmark and establish the 2 dollar zone again.

Anonymous said...

My comment...

Think you should buy a little here...hold your core and sell the rest if you need money.

I agree with T...we should establish the 2.00 zone once again: to be more assured.

Anonymous said...

closed at 1.31 ...

Anonymous said...

buy signal triggered at the close at 1.31

Esoterictrader said...

Is there any information anywhere about their ability to generate cash flow? Are any of their animal treatments or any other product anywhere close to being ready for market? How will they manage their cash burn rate? Will they have to issue more stock?

T said...

Thursday update

technical view.

NNVC continued up to big resistance at 1.42 where, dutifully, sellers jumped in and sold (because thats been a successful play in the past and they see no reason to change that tactic) and the place to target is the 1.40 area and sell.

Key observation is to notice how strong was the sell at this first resistance and where did price drop to

it dropped to the 1.20 area
where it has been holding steady the rest of the day.
This too,is a critical support we have the battle lines drawn here between 1.20 support and 1.40 resistance.

A further drop below 1.20 is not good for a positive NNVC
and any further failure to break above 1.40 is also not a good sign for positive NNVC.
it becomes a momentum breaker.

Key observation from here is now to see how strong or weak the continued move UP from 1.20 support might the next few days.

failure to show strong forward movement follow through would be a weak sign for NNVC....and suggests that traders are still in the basic mode of buy the speculation play at bottoms and sell for profit at the first resistance. rinse and repeat.

Fundamental minded investors of NNVC would never sell any of it at this point.

But further buying sentiment has to come from the publicity and promotion and good management of this by the company. to overcome the speculators who just want to sell. they will jump in and sell again at the next resistance level
at 1.60 - 1.75 and at
2.00 - 2.25.

The test now is to see how strong is the buying follow through, or will NNVC just fizzle on down back to the doldrums of 1.10 - 1 dollar and fall asleep again.....while the market goes up and other biotechs go up and so on.

the time is NOW for NNVC to show some follow thru.
right here right now....this week.

Anonymous said...

no follow thru today

Anonymous said...

no,I think you misperceive my comment about follow thru.

what happened today was clear to understand....a continuation upward from yesterdays breakout to the resistance point at 1.42,where price took a dive and sold off to the support line at 1.20 ....and then it held there for the rest of the day,which is ok....holding at support . the next important moment is to see it proceed UP from 1.20 and break through 1.42 ....I say ought to be done in the next few days,since the pullback from 1.42 to 1.20 is a good buying opportunity pullback, buyers ought to be stepping in at 1.20. The results of the strength ought to be visible in the coming few days.

If no follow thru happens to at least retest 1.42 by middle of next week....Then - at that time -it will be disappointing to see such weakness for NNVC.

Give it the next 2 or 3 trading days.

Lets see how easy or hard it is for NNVC to work up to the 2 dollar mark again.

When a junior gold or silver miner makes a big drilling discovery...the stock often doubles easily.

When UPWRF, the junior oil explorer offshore Namibia recently 'got recognized' by the major oilers....the stock tripled in a week.

When is NNVC going to do this again....and sustain it next time. without sliding back down to a dollar or lower.