Thursday, September 30, 2010

Where we are

SPX Hourly with Trend Model and EW count
From the late August low (five waves down) the SPX has risen in five waves up.  Wave five up could extend, but as long as you can count five waves up, it could reverse down at any time in either an ABC correction or the beginning of a new five waves down.  If SPX closes lower on the day, its likely that the rally from August is over.

I have no idea why the first chart doesn't expand with a click.



Anonymous said...

Dow 4200 by mid-2011

Anonymous said...

in this week that was.....

holding steady at the top

showed by demonstration

that rational technical investors went short at the right time(S+P 1150 area)
made several efforts

but the market manipulating engineers of the rigged game

had other intentions.

and left us with this message in the end

"Your panic desire to sell now ,however strong it may be, will prove weaker than Our Power to prop up the market as we please."

"We decide where the market will go and we decide how far it goes and in which direction...despite what normal technical analysis tells you what ought to happen .... WE decide what Will happen."

If We want to apply 3 precise long tail stick saves at S+P 1040 and blast the market back up to precisely 1157....we shall do that

If we decide to pull market gently back to 1127,and blast it back up again to 1177 we will do that.

We Will slam down hard on gold and silver and the miners as soon as the right time late november maybe,but not right now. Later, later when gold bugs are laughing.

and we will slam it down for 3 months maybe and then 2 more months after that. So you will have to wait until next may or july to find your next bargains.Similar to this year.

'Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain...'