Monday, September 13, 2010


I gave REE & MCP to my private email list about 10 days ago.  Since then they are up 8% and 17%, respectively.  As you can see from the charts below, both stocks are in clearly defined up trends:

 REE Daily Trend Model

MCP Daily Trend Model

The path of least resistance is defined by the trend lines.  True to our trend following ideology as well as my proprietary two-second stock trading system these are both, for the time being, one decision stocks.



Anonymous said...

Allan: Michigan football looking good to start the season:)

A said...
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Anonymous said...

Nice picks, A

A said...

Denard Robinson, Michigan's sophomore quarterback, has 885 total yards, rushing and passing, in his first two games as starting quarterback. I'd say, "looking good" is an understatement.