Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DJIA - Long Term Chart

Here is a perspective on the current rally in the context of a longer-term chart of DJIA.  Not shown is a major BUY signal in 1981, briefly reversed by the 1987 market crash, but back LONG in 1989 for a 12-year rally.  The EW analysis suggests that the next major move is a pretty significant decline once the current strength runs out.



Background said...


You have a new look on your blog. Looks great! I also see you have taken out the NNVC comments. Any reason why you commented it out.


Anonymous said...

Noticed you dropped NNVC. Oh well.

A said...

Are you guys kidding me? Didn't you notice the new theme, all about trends. NNVC is a long term play. They have a powerful product platform, but it takes time to prove themselves. Nothing has changed. It's still at the top of my B&H list.


gary said...

NNVC certainly has been a disappointment....pretty much given up here..watched it grow from 8 cents.....shoulda, woulda, coulda sold at $3.50 a few months later. Now in the last 5 years or so a lot of Grasping at straws I think..think they might want to change direction....seems like a lot of missed opportunities and bad decisions on management's part

Anonymous said...


What do you mean, they might want to change direction?
The only direction is to get this Company out there so traders KNOW there is a Company that has great potential!
There are a lot of people here that have money invested in NNVC.

Anonymous said...

Does long term still mean by 2014 or do you now think it will take longer to get to $100.00/share?

A said...

Things should start happening pretty fast once the first animal studies are in. Remember that some of their drug applications are for viral diseases that have no cure, no effective, nor even ineffective treatments. Some are ravishing third world populations, spreading across borders, rampant and deadly.

Do you think that maybe there is a market for safe and effective anti-virals?

Do you think NNVC may have that treatment?

If you answer "Yes" to both, what the hell does it matter how long it will take for valuation to catch up to the science? Sorry for all my questions, but everyone needs to understand my point about the potential of this company.

My answer is, YES, 2014 is still on target.


Ubreako said...

If you look at names like Jazz Pharma......the stock stays at 1 buck then moves to 13 bucks in a blink of an eye. Im guessing we should see similar type moves with NNVC. Some patience is required for this puppy.

Bob said...

From the Gilder Tech forum. EZ chip technologies EZCH ($25.25) has taken ten years to produce meaningful and sustainable advances. Having said that, those that bought shares at very low valuations have tripled, quadrupled, and more there initial investments with much much more potential upside left.

Having said that, I do not know NNVC like I know EZCH. Nonetheless I will maintain my position (cost basis $.50) in NNVC.

An avocado tree can take 7 years to bare fruit, but will then bare fruit for decades.

Do your own due diligence, but have patience thereafter.

Just my thoughts.