Thursday, August 12, 2010


The NNVC Daily Trend Model has been SHORT since June 30 @ $1.80.  With NNVC up about 10% today, is it time to get back in?

NNVC_60 Trend Model

NNVC_240 Trend Model

NNVC_Daily Trend Model

The two key levels above are $1.12 (240_min) and $1.20 (Daily).  Notwithstanding general stock market conditions, this company is going forward in paradigm changing treatments of viral disease. It's easy to manipulate a stock like this, but not so easy to deny their place in watershed medical achievement.



Edwardo said...

Hidden Pivot Analysis says that the stock needs to move above 1.15 at a minimum to turn the chart short term bullish. It must exceed 1.32 without a significant pullback to turn the daily bullish.

Allan said...

We now have a Daily BUY Pending as NNVC is trading at $1.20. This still needs to be confirmed with a close at 1.20 or better, but things are finally turning around for us.

Anonymous said...

If 1.20 holds at the close, it this a good bet to buy some trading shares?


Anonymous said...

I think the time to pull the trigger was at 1.00

now its time to see (expect) a pullback which needs to hold support in the 1.09 -1.12 area

Looking at the chart on my own screen,williams indicator shows this giant move up from 1.00 (16% as of 11 am PST) has barely even made a blip on the williams bottom (set to 28)

and has just about hit the half way 50 mark on williams (set at 14)

which shows NNVC having dropped so far down in recent weeks,after 7 straight down days, this upturn could be just the beginning,needs several up days,at least a few more to reach the next target
which ought to be a test of 1.32 - 1.35 area and then the 200 MA's in the 1.45-1.50 area

But I think the key right now is to see whether NNVC will hold support at 1.10 area next.

whats also encouraging about NNVC is that the most powerful driving influence was that it hit the 1.00 price point and traders/investors jumped on it. ...On a Day after the greater market took a dive,and the sheeple were/are panic selling again today.

It shows that NNVC may have established its own life force disengaged from the indexes.
That would be the best sign to see happening these days. (in Any stock...)

Jinshan gold is up 30% in last 7 days

Universal power corp. is up 50% in last 10 days.

Gold and Silver and miners mostly all up today...a good reaction to the market dive.

Maybe precious metals and miners will be the safe haven this time
and stocks like NNVC and UPWRF

Anonymous said...



looks like it could really pop if it breaks through the 1.18 resistance.

Its coiled up now in a tight triangle between 1.10 and 1.17

gonna break in some direction

Anonymous said...

Seems like this stock has one good day, then tanks for a week or two.

When's the last time NNVC went up two days in a row?


Anonymous said...

UPWRF is being pumped by one of the big financial newsletters. It is a good story with great potential, but it is up because of ad campaign.


Anonymous said...

february 31 ...

Anonymous said...

seemes to to holding at 1.30 for now Re: NNVC

Will sell trading shares when top is formed

Anonymous said...

Thanks Debby for that thought. So does one invest in the great potential of UPWRF at the best price opportunity? or is it better to ignore the story. thanks


Anonymous said...

TA would suggest to expect a pullback from this first thrust Up,a pullback to test the support level around 1.12-1.15

and if that happens and it holds at support, big jump to target 1.80 area is what TA estimates.

Anonymous said...


I have put this stock on my watch list. The gentleman that oversaw the Brazil deep water oil find is involved in this deep water exploration project with a joint venture with Universal Power. Oil is there and I can see part or all the leases eventually being sold to major oil companies for development.