Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pavel Datsyuk

You know what makes a great hockey player? The kind that dominates the game every 30 second shift he's on the ice, the Number 13 in the Red Winged Wheel that has the entire arena transfixed on his every shift, expecting highlight reel moves whenever the puck hits his stick. Then 20,000 stand at once in wide-eyed disbelief as his special magic simply wills a black round disc behind the sprawling, helpless goaltender. He stops and turns toward his mates, a shy perky smile peering out from under his oversized visor skating back to his place in our hearts and hockey greatness, another moment of history in awe of a kid who learned to play in Siberia, while waiting for this time and this place.

What makes Pavel so great? He knows where he is every second, where the puck is, where his line mates are, where the opponents are, where and how its all coming together and then lets instinct take over, instinct learned from hard work and discipline.

So it is with us. Here are the charts, there is nothing more that can be known, just see where we are and when the bell rings at tomorrow's open, let your instincts and command of these tools lead you in the right direction.


240 minute

120 minute

60 minute

30 minute

Comments? You want comments tonight?

We don't need no stinkin' comments.

Get out there and skate.


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Anonymous said...

Nice way of saying nothing and making it seem like you are saying something. You sure you weren't a fortune teller in a previous life?