Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Lots of angst about NanoViricides in my emails, comments, even phone calls from resourceful strangers.

This is my opinion:

Each 10,000 shares of NNVC will be worth $1M within five years.

This is a fact:

Those 10,000 shares cost $5,800.00 at current prices.

This is a Disclaimer:

You only live once.

This is me:



Ransom said...

I am buying on every dip!! Bring it to me cheap!!

Anonymous said...


I am patiently trying to get a big fill at the mid 30 to low 40 cent levels. Please bear that in mind and consider taking your comments down. Thanks, Joe/NYC

Alm100 said...

We are pretty close to .50 support, unless there is something wrong with the company. This stock did not correct as much as the rest of the market.

Anonymous said...

Yes...but what will it be worth in the next 1,2,3,4 years? Gosh we have been waiting patiently

Anonymous said...

I MAY pick up some as my lottery pick when it drops back under $0.10.

Anonymous said...

IMO...one needs to understand the technology and if one is convinced of its value then one should stay invested in NNVC, rather than blindly follow charts or someone's advice.

I think most people are looking at making money in the short term and most of them are going to be disappointed as BioTech field is heavily skewed towards unanticipated delays.

Anonymous said...

I bought GNBT for 2 dollars on your recommendation. Now its about 30 cent after few years.
I'am watching now NNVC.
Hope it will do better

Anonymous said...

Listen up tools. The general market trend is up from here. Don't need all this technical mumbo jumbo to see the obvious. Make big bucks playing the TREND.

Tom said...

In five years a pizza will cost $1,000,000.

Anonymous said...

Tom, how big is that pizza ???

Edwardo said...

A million per 10,000 shares in five years is pure fantasy.

Anonymous said...

This kind of hype makes me nervous, it's unusal for Allan. Now I'm thinking of selling.
good luck everyone

Anonymous said...

something tells me that allan has some type of connection to insiders at nnvc and when so called good news ( partnership with no name ) comes out and the street( all 100 shareholders) doesnt get excited ,along comes allan and hypes this stock. very strange