Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yet another Wave 5

Doesn't it seem that there is always just one more Wave 5 to go?

These charts are screaming, "Yes we can," to another Wave 5 decline at the doorstep. Here are my charts, which should be read in light of the Volatility Cycles post.

This first chart is a 60-minute DJI chart showing a uptrend channel containing prices of a Wave 4 with potential targets just above current prices:

This next chart reveals ultimate lows as forecast by my software:

Finally, some internal indicators suggesting either Wave 4 is about complete as of Tuesday's close, or possibly after one more big up day to the upper Wave 4 target:



Anonymous said...

I think is is probably getting near the end of the run. My target was 6800 to 7187.

Likely, we'll push down further into that target zone but my cycle low isn't expected until mid-March, Likely the next week or two we will grind lower, but most all of Primary Wave 1 is over.

My 401k is in money markets and I'm looking to start getting back in sometime in March.


Anonymous said...

Do you have any comments on nnvc latest decline? Thank you.

Allan said...


While waiting for news to propel these shares skyward, the bear market is taking its toll. The psychology is to take these shares from weak hands by this stutter-step decline, washing out those that stare at the price all day long. My advice is to take NNVC's quote off of your screens and go about your business on other plays and trades. One of these days we all will awake to find that the stock-ferry has left a very generous gift under our collective pillow.


Allan said...

Re: Ferries

Someone said, "it's fairy, not ferry."

Excuuuuuse me, I expect it will take a boat to carry this particular gift, not a flying angel.