Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Audacity of Slope

This is what I wrote last Friday in the Comments after that quirky Friday close:
It was a work of art. Chop, chop, chop, gone. Three chops just before the close before a three day weekend and with everyone and their brother stopped out and gone for the day, they initiate Wave 3 Down with no one left short, except them of course.

If Tuesday's gap leaves any room to get on board, there should be plenty of downside remaining for those left with mouths wide open at today's close.

Before getting into whether or not there was room to get short today, let's be clear about one thing, that the wedge has been decisively broken to the downside:

Weekly SPX

For a little perspective, let's zoom in the the price action for the past two weeks, via the 15 minute SPX:

15 Minute SPX

Now we zoom further and look just at today's action (far right on above chart):

15 minute SPX Wave 5 Projections

My Advanced GET software is projecting a decline to under 720, just based on today's mostly sideways action. Once this decline starts in earnest, expect even lower projections.



Anonymous said...

and yet, 2 longs are showing incredible strength, your suggestions CGLD and of course, NNVC. Thanks Allan. Joe/NYC

Anonymous said...

Hope you get stranded on a deserted island with Joe so he can fulfill all his fantasiez.

Anonymous said...

Die all of you who wish older Americans that built this country a hard life just so you *(&(* can make your profits.

Anonymous said...


Your software screen shots look like they are predicting a retracement back to 800 or 810... Is that an accurate reading of the picture you posted?