Saturday, February 14, 2009


To the right and above my photo is a new insignia, The Foundation for the Study of Cycles. Anyone interested in furthering their study in this fascinating area is encouraged to click on the insignia whereby you will be linked to a special section of the Foundation where you can access free membership and significant discounts on Foundation materials. By way of introduction to their work, I will be writing a series of articles, starting with the one below.

The Foundation for The Study of Cycles

This foundation has been around since the early 1940’s and has measured the cyclic components, with a high degree of accuracy, across such a broad spectrum of data inputs they are too numerous to mention here. But they include sunspot activity, crop growth rates, even predictions of the number of US Soldiers that would perish in any given month in the present wars in the Middle East.

Of course, they also predict more pragmatic things such as securities price movements which is highly relevant to this audience.

On the recommendation of my long time trading partner, Professor John Kercheval, the two of us are presently evaluating their systems with regard to securities trading.

His preliminary testing indicates that there may be a variety of productive ways to incorporate these programs into one’s trading regimen and that that may differ from trader to trader.

In any event, I just got my copy last night and John and I will spend the next month or so testing the systems, independently, then comparing notes and, post a follow-on post as to how we are using them and how we think they can be used by others.

My first foray into the cycle program produced the following chart:

Note how well the market has been tracking the dominate cycles detected by the analytic cycle software (available at the Foundation by clicking the insignia). As you can see, the projected plot for the next two weeks is in concert with my EW analysis for a Wave 5 decline.

For those of you interested in buying the programs or just learning more about the prevalence of cycles through your everyday life please click on the Foundation's insignia above my photo.   The link will also take you to the Foundation's main site, filled with fascinating and provocative cycle studies, software, projections and articles.



Steve said...


What's the price of the software? It looks interesting.


Mike said...

Look out James Simons of Renaissance...(referring back to your archived article from 11/21/05).


David said...

I have just finished reading a lenghty piece by Martin Armstrong that talks about economic cycles. Very interesting. I can't wait to read your future posts on this subject.

Anonymous said...


I have to admit that that is one clean, precise and easy to read

We will see what happens but I am skeptical that stock market price timing and magnitudes can be predicted that accurately.

BUT! time will tell and you have given us something very precise to hang our hats on.

God help you if you are wrong. The members of this board will crucify you. We are already restless about the lack of a drop and NNVC's non-movement. Both of which you have been forecasting since Dec.

If the market follows this curve, even MOSTLY you will certainly have regained some status.

And I will personally not only acknowledge ice hockey as a "real" sport (which it is not, it is a game like throwing horse shoes) I will donate to your blog AND support The Detroit Red Wings.