Tuesday, April 10, 2007


In the past week or so, DNDN has popped over 300%. Yesterday, an old favorite AGEN popped 40%, and is up about 100% in the past week. NNVC is up about 60% since it appeared back on our radar screen a few weeks ago.

These are huge moves, all in the same sector.

Maybe time to pay special attention.



Anonymous said...

You could almost add NTRZ -- up 7 percent today -- to that list with their move into "nutraceuticals."


Anonymous said...

From NTRZ's CC last week. CEO Brad Edson speaking:

"Recently we were excited to learn that NutraCea’s proprietary rice bran products were used in a clinical study that was reported in the January 9th 2007 online edition of the British Journal of Cancer, of the effect of rice bran on the size of intestinal adenomas in mice. The study reported clinical evidence of 51% shrinkage in the size of intestinal adenomas for mice with a diet of 30% rice bran with a high fiber content.

Now, we pride ourselves on the extensive intellectual properties that we have rights to, through our proprietary research and our portfolio of patents. Now, although historically the company spent a lot of capital on pursuing this internally, it is the opinion of current management that a better approach is to leverage the significant capital of some strategic partners to derive value in this area.

We are currently engaging in preliminary, but clinically, strategically and potentially significant research on some immunological base studies that we hope to announce later this year, utilizing our proprietary products, both from our stage 1 and stage 2 facilities.

Subject to those results confirming what we hope to be the case, we believe we will be able to enter into potentially significant partnership arrangements whereby NutraCea will be relieved of much of the financial pressures to develop these products, and instead potentially obtain significant licensing and product revenue. NutraCea anticipates being able to announce more meaningful and quantitative information concerning many of these initiatives before the end of 2007."

Anonymous said...

You can BPA to your watch list.

They have enough new product going to market to keep it moving up. When it's libigel (testesterone for women) gets a thumbs up from the phase III trials it'll have alot of buyers.

tnx Allan, curt

curt504 said...

Well BPA ran ok today. My wife tipped me some months back via her capacity on a womens cancer treadment alternatives board of directors. Hormone replacement is still a big issue with women, if my houses dinner table discussions and symptoms of malease are any indications. :-\

Here's another guess this little gem of a company that will go up 1000%. :)) Anything having todo with the Uranium fuel cycle I think is worth looking into. Currently processing U into reactor fuel consumes whole power plants of energy.. I don't know what this guess the co is doing but I think we should be currious...

Here's the bait email from: investmentu@investmentu.com

Dear Reader,

Before we go any further, I must disclose that for the final 18 months of my U.S. Air Force career, I was stationed at an underground compound in Kirtland, New Mexico… home of a classified weapons facility.

And while I can neither confirm nor deny the extent of nuclear operations there…

…I can tell you that a high-level U.S. government “cover-up” has helped a tiny $5 company secure a virtual monopoly on a critical uranium-enrichment technology.

Bad news for France, South Africa, Japan, and even American companies that have been forced to abandon multibillion-dollar research operations…

But very good news for you, and any other savvy investors smart enough to trade on the sensitive information I’m about to reveal.

Here’s why:

As you may know, the nuclear power industry has seen a stunning revival over the last few years. Consequently, uranium stocks have skyrocketed, making early investors rich. For example…

* Cameco Corp. (CCJ) has skyrocketed 1,030% since 2002!

* Frontier Development Group (FRG.TO) has jumped 1,400% since 2004!

* International Uranium (IUC.TO) has delivered 2,600% since 2003!

* Strathmore Minerals (STM.V) is up 2,850% since 2003!

* UEX Corp. (UEX.TO) has bolted 4,900% since 2003!

And Western Prospector Group (WNP.V) has soared a staggering 6,100% in the last three years.

Think about that…

If you had put $5,000 into Western Prospector back in 2003, you could now be sitting on $310,000. $10,000 could now be worth $620,000.

And a $25,000 investment in Western Prospector could have grown to over $1.5 million in just 36 months!

The tiny $5 stock I'm recommending today offers similar riches. And while 6,100% may take a while…

…I'm absolutely confident this $5 company could deliver a 1,000% gain in the next 12 months. Heck, even if it does half as well as I think, you could still be looking at a 500% return in less than a year!

Interested? Then keep reading because… in this letter, I’ll tell you all about this tiny $5 company.

I’ll expose the U.S. government “cover-up” that helped this tiny company secure a stranglehold on the nuclear enrichment industry.

Most important: I’ll tell you how to buy shares of this $5 stock at a fraction of its true value.

Make no mistake: In the coming months, mutual funds and big institutional buyers will likely be begging to buy shares of this stock for $10… $12… even $15 per share.

Anonymous said...

Any idea what the company is?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


ARWR has been making a big move up....are you still in it or have your ecently purchased any of it?

Allan said...


Rode this one all the day down and then back up again. Finally back in the black, or is it green? Color blind.


Allan said...

Make that, "all the WAY down and back up again." I need a couple days off.

Anonymous said...

I rode it down....luckily I kept purchasing on the way down....I am a big believer in the long term future of ARWR...The other stock I have big holding in is LNOP. LNOP has big trading swings and I have been able to buy low and sell high multiple times on it. Do you have any opinons on LNOP? Thanks! I love your BLOG> RT!

Allan said...


My opinion on LNOP is basically a blind faith play on the judgement of George Gilder and his brain trust, who believe that LNOP is on their way to owning a lucrative niche in network processors. Good enough for me.


peter said...
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peter said...

Take a look at ANPI