Monday, April 30, 2007

Back to Work

ROY was recommended here at about $5.00 back in November. Today it's breaking out, up just under 10% at $7.25.

Sometimes it's best to just buy these little gems and then tuck them away, looking at them only sporadically, lest you try to trade them, or worse, "Say something stupid, like 'I love you'."



Greg Reiman said...

I amy be repeating myself here, if so please excuse.

A friend who is a partner with a large and very successful hedge fund, when I asked him for advice said this to me: "Love your wife or girlfriend, but never ever ever fall in love with a trade!".

Good advice.

Greg Reiman

Anonymous said...

I've read your posts from way back, when you were asking Allan about switching from your professional job to day trading. Did you make the leap? Start with a high amount of capital?
Sorry if I got the wrong person!

Anonymous said...

Greg, great advice. Another twist on the same theme:

Use things, love people. Never -- ever -- the other way around.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone have info on this company?

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And right now this tiny uranium miner has been catapulted to the new No. 1 supplier of U308



Allan said...

Greg Reiman said...

I have not made the leap from my day job to day trading. I have not proven to myself (or my wife) that I can trade well enough to replace my current job income. I did open another trading account to try an options trading strategy and have done very poorly with that. My stock trading account is doing OK but not nearly good enough to quit my day job yet.

All in all, I am clearly not ready to make the leap to trading for a living.

Still, I have not given up on my dreams. I just need to keep working at this.


Anonymous said...

Would an economist make a superior trader- you bet!

Anonymous said...

Utilising the field of economics is essential in ALL aspects of trading.

How do I know this you ask... I'm an economist and I've discovered the proverbial "it."

Anonymous said...


Anything that is worth doing is worth getting emotional about.

"Loving" your trades is a key ingredient. If you love it, you'll make money.

Anonymous said...

Your old friend DSCO has done well since insiders bought in early March.

Anonymous said...

Do you guys hold insider buys eg DSCO for that long? The earlier posts were suggesting a hold of for just a short pop of 1-3%.

I bought GBN.V after heavy insider buying of 399,000 but volume hasn't been high enough so I got out with no profit. How do you decide how long to hold?

Greg - thanks for the answers! Hopefully yoru wife will be convinced soon and trading on a beach is in the near future.

Anonymous said...
This was posted by Allan last month as a great site for new investing/trading ideas. Anyone else sign up and have good results? The only pay-advice system that I currently have is Dines - and his buy and hold philosophy has had me lose my gains of the year over the last two weeks. Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

I subscribed to Muathe and have had no regrets. Easily paid for itself many times over.

His intra-day alerts are usually rock solid. Although, with that said, they've tapered off considerably lately. There's supposed to be one or two a week, I think, and there's only been one in the past month or so.

Muathe is also excellent about giving you his read on specific stock picks. In fact, he has forum which is largely dedicated to that. Usually has his analysis within a few hours.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jon.
Do you have to be able to watch the prices during the day, or respond and react quickly for the pop? Such as the very very quick pops when insider buys are posted? Or is it more of a buy and hold for a few days to weeks approach? Thanks!

Mark said...

I belong to the site as well. Don't let the cheap look and feel of the site fool you, this guy Eric Muathe has a system that he developed that works and he actually explains how it works to all of his subscribers.

FYI It's more of a buy and hold for a few days to weeks approach.

Anonymous said...

Signed up with as per the advice from comments! Thanks a bunch - it seems like a great site and very interactive.