Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Back on February 2, 2006, my friend and long time reader of AllAllan, Greg, shared a promotional e-mail he obtained from a $5,000 per year newsletter published by Stansberry & Associates. That email described, but did not name, two "cutting edge" biotechnology companies that it was about to release to it's subscribers. Ilene was able to identify those two companies as ALNY and RNAI. Three weeks later, both stocks were up 25%.

Greg has emailed me the text of another pre-release promotional piece from the same publication. Greg has identified the company and I have confirmed his work, this time the publication, after the close on March 29th, will recommend to its subscribers, FOXH.



Anonymous said...

I opened a position yesterday (thurs) just before close. Anyone have confirmation that it ran in the newsletter? I've been checking the boards, but all the ones I've checked (yahoo, RB, IV) are all dry -- don't even have FOXH.



Anonymous said...

maybe need to short it?

Allan said...

I'm out of FOXH with a loss; sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. But keeping losses from getting out of control is Rule #1. Still, it was worth the risk.

peter said...


I am new here. The stock seems to be coming off the lows of the day. Could it be you were right about the pick, but just had the timing wrong? That it could be published over the weekend?

Anonymous said...

sometimes YOU WIN, always I LOSE

Greg Reiman said...

FOXH is back up a bit, still looks like it is basing for a move back up. I am out but still watching this one.

Greg Reiman