Monday, May 01, 2006


This is an important point one of our group has brought to my attention:

I've gotten 3 of these today. Every one is up .35-.50 by the time I receive it.
Always a huge spike in volume right after the insider buy.

Please read the web page section on Faster Email, Faster Trading!

Also, the response to our offer has been overwhelming and has caused some unanticipated delays (in seconds) in getting the Alerts out...we are working to have that fixed ASAP.

And remember, trading immediate pops is not for everyone, there are other ways to profit from insider buying that are much less dependent on the lowest entries.



Allan said...

My fastmail account is getting the Sally Alerts within 1-2 seconds of my Sally native platform alert. In other wordsl with fastmail and fastcheck, there is minimal dealys in getting alerted to these filings.


Allan said...

We are working on some additional information to be posted to the web page related to time issues vis a vis email clients. Hope to have it up later today or tonight.


Allan said...

Make that

Chad said...


Would you be willing to share what your buys were today and some of the logic behind your decisions? Also, do you tend to pull the trigger very rapidly when a ticker comes through, or do you take enough time to look at charts, tick, trin, etc? Thank you so much for providing this fantastic tool. Your generosity is truly appreciated.

Allan said...

Chad, I took one trade today SMTL, it was an Officer, it was a single digit tech stock and it was for 4600 shares, a marginally attractive combination and I did ok on it, about 3.5%. I placed my order in about the time it took you to read that last sentence. In a month you and anyone else who is so motivated, will be able to do the same, recognize and execute.


Corey said...

Chad said it perfectly...

"Thank you so much for providing this fantastic tool. Your generosity is truly appreciated."

Thanks for sharing your ideas and knowledge!


curt504 said...

To all, As I paper trade the sally alerts I find myself perhaps replicating what's already in the proprietary Sally pop rating; share and dollar volumn prior to the i-buy, simple TA like crossing the 50MA from the bottom etc. Thanks Allan for the opportunity to learn this and hopefully profit.

BTW, I'm not a dooms-day negative person but last Friday was almost the 5th Hindenburg Omen in a month. Now the Eliot wave folks are jumping on with their down wave talk.


I've been tightening my stops and selling stocks that weren't going up anyway; xdsl, nvax (but just bought some back), amar, aoor, aani, ewan, agt (what happened??). All good bets that in an up market should have run, but not now it seems.


Anonymous said...

Good morning. Allan i keep getting e-mails this morning from Sally--says to undisclosed recipients--there is nothing in the body of the e-mail--just blank. anyone else experiencing this?


Anonymous said...

Is Sally having problems??