Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Just came across my desk, Sun Yu Xi, President and Director of CHID purchased $530K worth of common stock at an average price of $0.965 on May 12, 2006. CHID currently trading at $0.80, no make that $0.82......excuse me, now $0.84. I'm in again, at $0.80.



hans_meier said...

Hi Allan

Thanks for your insight. May I ask you 2 questions, is 1.) CHID in your opinion a short or longer term play, what potential does this company have?

2.)Long time ago you mentioned one of Wolanchuk's recommendations WAVR, which I bought and is now WVWC. Are you in this stock, is it worth to hold on, or is it a "pig"?


Allan said...

Hans, please don't take this as calvalier of me, but the same answer to both your questions, "I don't know." I could be out of CHID tomorrow, or not for another month or two. WVWC is tucked away and forgotten, hoping to wake up some morning to a running train. Or I'll get bored with it and exchange it for new name somewhere down the line. This may not be of much help to you, but at least its honest.