Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Monday afternoon it was disclosed that Harold Simmons, CEO of NL Industries, had purchased $325K worth of NL stock, 25K shares at $13.25 avg price. NL closed Monday at $13.26.

Tuesday, NL opened at $13.50 on a small gap-up opening. But what is important is that NL closed Tuesday at $15.00. This was a great I-buy!

It didn't matter how quickly you got the Alert, or even what you paid for NL if you bought it on the Gap-Open on Tuesday. The essence of this trade was Harold Simmons buying a s**tload of stock. Get this message right, and you are in the zone for Insider-Buying profitability.



tjbrune said...


are you still holding PTSC ?
concider buying more ? @ what price ?


A said...

tim, still holding my core PTSC position from under $0.30; not dropping low enough yet for me to initiate a trade...remember last time it broke below $0.70, then ran to $1.61 in about 2-3 days.