Saturday, October 01, 2005


(1) Bully With A Gun

Yesterday the saga concluded with my paying a $538 fine for a "tag" violation, no points, not even a notation on my driving record. This was a case where I was charged by a punk-ass Washigton State Patrol prick for "Negligent Driving, 2nd Degree," where my infraction was driving a nice BMW with out-of-state plates. I hired a lawyer which was my way of getting the local prosecutor's office to look at the file and I was offered and accepted the above deal. They reduced a charge of driving to endanger to a tag violation, which tells you what they thought of the cop's report. So my total cost was $538 fine plus $350 attorney fee, or $838. I'm just adding it to my cost basis of my X3 and updating my view of local law enforcement.

(2) Avian Flu

Yesterday, Friday, my basket of Avian Flu picks popped across the board. This conincided with national news coverage and intital reports of human to human transmission in SE Asia. NNVC, which I have been adding to under 9c a share, popped to 12-13c. That's why I think it belongs in the bird flu basket, huge upside leverage.

(3) Secrets of Success

Lots of nice feedback on this piece, mostly through private messages. Speaking of Navellier, he published again on Friday after the close. Some stocks to watch for Monday's trading:


(4) Harry Dent

I've talked about Dent's bullish paradigm on many of my early blogs, I'm too lazy this morning to look up the links, but they are there. Anyway, its more important what he thinks of conditions today, October 1, 2005. Here's the heading from his October issue, which I just downloaded and printed out:

"Get Ready for the Next Great Bubble Boom - Major Buy Signal Imminent!"

'Nuff Said.

(5) Jim Dines on Uranium

Been reading Jim Dines on Uranium. His take is that we are still very early in a worldwide transition from Oil to Uranium as the world's new source of energy. China and India have very aggressive nuclear energy ambitions for bringing their respective societies into the modern age of electricity and those companies mining uranium are tantamont to Stardard Oil of the early 20th centruy. A few of his favorites are CCJ, FRG and Laramide Resources, LAM.TSVX.


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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Great post Allan, thanks.

As usual, though, I didn't act on much of it. I missed out on FPP, for instance. Did you get in and out?


A said...

Ali, Yes, in and out of FPP and a dozen others today, one of my best days trading in the past six months.


Ronny said...

Hi Allan,I have been buying small cap stocks with heavy insider buying the last 2 weeks with great results.I hold them a little longer than you (a few days),but I am very happy with the results.Thanks for the inspiration,Ron